Interior Design Experts Share Top Tips for Bringing the Outdoors Inside

Bringing the outdoors inside is a great way to enjoy natural beauty and fresh air all year round. Here, the experts from FURNISHD. share their natural interior design ideas.

MELBOURNE, Australia, Jan. 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With an ever-growing focus on sustainability and living green, there has been an increased interest in making homes reflect the outdoors. According to leading interior design company, FURNISHD., the key to bringing the outdoors in is to look at the area surrounding the home. Letting the views outside inspire the colour palette and using natural textures such as wood and stone will add depth and dimension, providing a beautiful, organic contrast to soft furnishings. From hanging plants and flowers to adding a water feature, the interior designers say it's easy to breathe some fresh life into a home.

The easiest way to bring nature into the home is by investing in a diverse selection of lush green plants. Hanging plants or flowers from the ceiling or placing them on shelves adds a natural touch to a room while also purifying the air, says FURNISHD.

The interior design consultant recommends using natural materials like bamboo, stone or wood for both furniture and flooring as well as décor accents to create an earthy feel. Considering the property surroundings will also help to inspire the interior décor. Using natural elements found in the surrounding area will create a seamless connection from the outside in.

Letting natural light in with large windows will help to brighten up a space, bring in fresh air and also give the feeling of being outdoors. If installing new windows isn't an option, FURNISHD. says using light coloured curtains or blinds will also help to bring in more natural light.

For those who like the idea of bringing the outside world into their home but don't want to redesign every area, FURNISHD. recommends focusing on one specific area to transform. 

As one of the premier interior design firms in Australia, FURNISHD. offers a fixed price online interior decorator service. From natural interior design to industrial, bohemian, Scandinavian or French Provincial interior design styles, the experts at FURNISHD. guide clients through the entire process.

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