TripleBlind Collaborates with Mayo Clinic Platform To De-Identify Patient Data, Strengthen Privacy, and Improve Global Health Care Outcomes

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Jan. 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TripleBlind, the leader in automated, real-time data de-identification, today announced an expanded relationship with Mayo Clinic Platform. For the first time in healthcare, the use of TripleBlind’s Privacy Builder software will enable healthcare systems, via Mayo Clinic Platform, to strategically collaborate on developing the next generation of digital healthcare solutions within secure environments.

“Mayo Clinic is a leading innovator in healthcare, and we are honored to be a fast-growing partner with the Mayo Clinic Platform, its digital transformation initiative,” said Riddhiman Das, TripleBlind’s Co-founder and CEO. “The TripleBlind Privacy Builder was created to preserve patient information and intellectual property rights. As we expand our relationships with Mayo Clinic Platform, we look forward to being a part of the effort to improve health outcomes and deliver the best care to patients.”

The collaboration allows Mayo Clinic Platform to:

  • Analyze data without sharing it - TripleBlind facilitates this process through a patented combination of privacy-enhancing technologies. TripleBlind Privacy Builder is hardware and cloud agnostic, quantum-safe, and designed to securely foster data collaboration –– without seeing, sharing, or storing patient data.

  • Develop algorithms and delivery insights - TripleBlind Privacy Builder enables Mayo Clinic Platform_Validate to test AI models without exposing any intellectual property.

“Mayo Clinic Platform’s vision is to create a healthier world where personalized, predictive and innovative care may be accessible to all,” said Steve Bethke, vice president of Mayo Clinic Platform product portfolio. “We’re excited to collaborate with TripleBlind to enable solution developers to _Validate their models, driving data-driven and scalable innovation in a secure environment.”


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To learn more about the collaboration, please visit: Mayo Clinic Platform & TripleBlind

About TripleBlind
TripleBlind delivers automated, real-time data de-identification to preserve patient privacy and protect intellectual property in healthcare. TripleBlind Privacy Builder ensures compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, and additional international data privacy and data residency standards. The TripleBlind Privacy Builder is software-only, delivered via a simple API, and solves for a broad range of healthcare use cases at-scale. The company is backed by General Catalyst, Accenture, and Mayo Clinic. To learn more, visit or contact us via email here:

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Founded on Mayo Clinic's dedication to patient-centered care, Mayo Clinic Platform enables new knowledge, new solutions and new technologies through collaborations with health technology innovators to create a healthier world. To learn more, visit the Mayo Clinic Platform website.

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