Pre-order the Atmoph and Stranger Things Edition Pass

KYOTO, Japan, Feb. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Atmoph Inc. the developer and supplier of Atmoph Window 2 (Location: Kyoto, CEO: Kyohi Kang), announces “The Edition Pass | Stranger Things”, in collaboration with the Netflix hit series, Stranger Things on February 17, 2023.

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The ‘Edition Pass | Stranger Things’ is an exclusive collection of three selected scenes from Stranger Things that can be enjoyed in the Atmoph Window 2. Available now for pre-order in Japan and the U.S, the collection comes with:

■ Three exclusive fan-favorite scenes, with original CG animation

Fans can feel the excitement all over again with their favorite scenes from Stranger Things - a view of the Christmas lights used to communicate with Will in The Upside Down, or immerse themselves in Starcourt Mall.

■ A special one-time limited release package - the cassette tape

A limited-release design modeled after the Stranger Things cassette tapes that appear in the show.

■ An exclusive Atmoph-exclusive collectible card

Receive one out of six Atmoph-exclusive cards featuring designs of all the main characters from the show. Those who purchase the “Edition Pass | Stranger Things” will have one of these cards randomly chosen for them.

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Pre-order the Atmoph and Stranger Things Edition Pass