Volunteer Botanicals Launches Line of Wellness Products Created with Plant-based Ingredients

Company’s Satival reconstituted, powderized cannabinoids provide foundation for Regimen, a series of specially formulated wellness supplements

MURFREESBORO, Tenn., Feb. 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Volunteer Botanicals, which develops consistent, versatile hemp-based cannabinoid ingredients for use in a wide variety of consumer products, announced today the launch of Regimen, a series of plant-based supplements specifically formulated to help consumers awaken fresh in the morning, manage common aches and pains throughout the day and fall into an easy sleep at the end of the day.

Regimen’s three primary formulas, “Awaken,” “Alleviate,” and “Hibernate,” each contain hemp-derived cannabinoids plus a combination of vitamins, minerals and botanical extracts to meet specific daily needs. In addition, Regimen+ versions of each formula feature an added boost of THC for those who want to augment the impact of the hemp-derived cannabinoids. All Regimen versions are intended to be mixed and matched, allowing consumers to personalize a daily regimen to help them feel and perform their best. Every Regimen product utilizes Volunteer Botanicals’ innovative reconstituted, powderized cannabinoids Satival™, which enable ratio-specific formulations of cannabinoids and other key ingredients.

“We all have our daily regimens, and today they are busier than ever,” said Derek Odette, CEO of Volunteer Botanicals. “Who hasn’t had a day when they felt tired in the morning, achy during the day and then found themselves unable to fall asleep easily at night? Regimen was created to help us all manage our day-to-day lives.”

As the core ingredients of the Regimen product line, Satival powderized cannabinoids provide the foundation for each formulation. Regimen products are purpose built with low doses so everyone can mix and match their tablets to find a regimen that works best for them. The Regimen product line includes:

  • Awaken: Provides an energy boost to the body while calming mind chatter with Satival CBG powder, Satival CBD powder, green coffee bean, and vitamins C, B16 and B12 and a proprietary blend of terpenes. (Regimen Awaken+ provides an added boost of THC.)
  • Alleviate: Helps manage inflammation through a combination of Satival CBD powder, Satival CBDa powder, Curcumin C3 Recuct® as an antioxidant booster, as well as a proprietary blend of terpenes and other key ingredients. (Regimen Alleviate+ provides an added boost of THC.)
  • Hibernate: Supports a deep, lasting sleep through Satival CBD powder, Satival CBN powder, magnesium, melatonin, a proprietary blend of terpenes and other key ingredients. (Regimen Hibernate+ provides an added boost of THC.)

In June 2022, Volunteer Botanicals conducted a gene expression study to uncover how the Regimen supplement formulations affect various gene sites targeting inflammation, pain and immune system responses. The study demonstrated that Regimen supplements create a “statistically significant change in gene expression,” indicating their effectiveness at achieving desired effects.

“Knowing that the immune system plays a central role in reducing pain and inflammation, Volunteer Botanicals has taken the unprecedented step of using state-of-the-art gene science in order to better understand how various extracts from the cannabis plant affect the immune system leading to the well-known clinical effects of reductions in pain and inflammation,” said Jacob H. Basham, M.D., a resident Physician-Scientist in Pediatric Medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Chief Research Officer at Volunteer Botanicals. “By utilizing the power of molecular science to better understand immune system effects from its pure extracts, Volunteer Botanicals is setting the standard helping consumers understand the wellness products they are taking.”

As part of its business model, Regimen is devoted to community service. From working with local farmers to partnering with nationwide non-profits, Regimen leads with an intention to build a business centered around positive impact. As a result, Regimen has committed to giving back. With every purchase of a Regimen product, a percentage of proceeds from each sale will be donated to a range of nonprofit organizations. Regimen is committed to working with worthy nonprofit organizations and is actively seeking out groups interested in utilizing Regimen products as a fundraising tool to help them fund their nonprofit goals. To learn more about Regimen’s commitment to community service or availability of Regimen in your area, visit https://mydailyregimen.com/.

About Volunteer Botanicals
Volunteer Botanicals develops precise cannabinoid formulations, providing manufacturers with consistent, versatile hemp-based ingredients for use in a wide variety of products that meet specific demands of product creators inside and outside the hemp industry. The company’s products provide the building blocks of miscible and “flowable” powders suited for supplements, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage applications. Through innovation and technology, Volunteer Botanicals is taking cannabinoids mainstream. For more information, visit https://volunteerbotanicals.com.

About Regimen
Regimen is a series of plant-based supplements specifically formulated to help wellness enthusiasts to awaken fresh in the morning, manage common aches and pains throughout the day and fall into an easy sleep at the end of the day. Built on a core set of daily use mini-tablets, Regimen can be mixed and matched allowing consumers to personalize their daily Regimen. For more information, visit https://mydailyregimen.com/.

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