Make More Offers Challenge Begins Enrollment For March 2023

New York, Feb. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- New York, New York -

Myron Golden Live, based in Tampa, Florida is inviting entrepreneurs to participate in the next Make More Offers Challenge. Hosted by Myron Golden himself, the 5-day Challenge explores how offers can be presented in an irresistible manner, thereby increasing sales at an exponential rate. Notably, the Challenge is meant to galvanize participants to improve regardless of their industry experience, making it suitable for beginners as well as those who are already implementing some of Myron’s other lessons.

Enrollment for the next class is currently open, running from March 6th - 10th. While all are expected to make a 5-day commitment, Myron Golden Live points out that it only takes 1 - 2 hours each day, so there is little reason to miss out. Each session will be packed with training, so participants are advised to come fully rested and prepared to learn. Entrepreneurs of all kinds are welcome, including coaches, consultants and so on.

Make More Offers Challenge with Myron Golden

The fundamental lesson the Challenge seeks to impart is as follows: make more offers, and make better offers. With this five day challenge for entrepreneurs, Golden aims to help participants unlock their own potential and take the next step in their entrepreneurial journey. For some, he says, this will be their business’ first $1,000. Others will be making their first $10,000. $100,000 and so on, but the lesson is relevant at virtually every level. The only difference between these stages is the point at which every individual began practicing the art and science of making better offers. The earlier they began, the more successful they are today, and there is no better time than the present for anyone who wishes to get started.

Every successful business has to start with the same foundation: a great core product offer that makes it more sustainable and scalable. The Challenge will help each participant discover what their product offer should look like, and they will learn how lead generation offers can be utilized to build a following of customers or clients who want to keep coming back for more. Building on this, they will learn how premium offers can be introduced — a crucial aspect of any business as they are the secret to exponential scalability. Notably, all participants receive access to the Make More Offers Challenge Facebook Group, which will immediately immerse them in a community of like-minded individuals who are enthusiastic about learning to make better offers as well as share what they have learned with their peers.

Over the course of his career, Myron has touched countless lives, and he still makes it a point to make himself accessible to anyone with the right mindset. It is important, he believes, to talk one-on-one with those who are embracing their entrepreneurial spirit in order to support their journey. At heart, Myron is a teacher, and he enjoys seeing people succeed where they may previously have stumbled.

As an excerpt from a testimonial from a challenge participant, Kristen, states, “I have found myself getting stuck in this cycle that you all learn about tactics, strategies, tactics, strategies. I took the Make More Offers Challenge because I needed a break through. I listened to this man and made $24,000 in three days.” The full testimonial offers a great deal more insight on Kristen’s initial impressions of the Challenge, how she came to understand which barriers were keeping her from reaching her goals and more.

A breakdown of what each day of training will cover is included on the Make More Offers Challenge sign-up portal. It includes in depth training sessions, projects, Q&A and feedback sessions. Those who believe they would benefit from an additional hour of training each day are also welcome to sign up for the VIP Experience (which has several other benefits as well).

Enrollment is currently open. All questions or inquiries may be directed to Myron Golden Live via phone, email or the website. Those who wish to learn more about the Challenge, Myron Golden and so on are also invited to check out the organization’s online resources.


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