FFF Enterprises Inc. and RightNow Inventory™ Become Vital Members of the Artesunate for Injection Distribution Network

Temecula, Calif., March 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FFF Enterprises Inc., the nation’s most trusted specialty drug distributor, today announced that it has partnered with Amivas (US), LLC to stock FDA-approved Artesunate for Injection, the life-saving antimalarial treatment for severe malaria.

FFF Enterprises, along with its subsidiary, RightNow Inventory™ (RNI), will provide patients with uninterrupted access through its standard distribution model, along with RNI’s RightNow Flex™ device, an easy-to-use, space-saving inventory management solution that utilizes advanced cloud-based technology to automatically monitor inventory levels and record and report product temperature readings. The device is powered by RNI, which develops and delivers intelligent inventory technology solutions to offer on-site, on-demand management, usage, and invoicing of medications and medical devices.

“As we enter our 35th year of putting patients first, it is an honor to partner with Amivas (US), LLC to help ensure continued access to Artesunate for Injection,” said Patrick M. Schmidt, chief executive officer at FFF Enterprises. “We know that accessibility saves lives, so getting this time-critical antimalarial treatment to patients in need is our top priority.”

“Time is of the essence when a patient presents with severe malaria, and we know FFF and RightNow Inventory™ will ensure medical professionals have Artesunate for Injection within arm’s reach,” said David Bradshaw, chief executive officer at Amivas (US), LLC. “Amivas (US), LLC is proud of our expertise and commitment to saving children and adults with severe malaria, and we’re pleased to partner with FFF because they care, and they show it.”

For more information about the symptoms and treatments of severe malaria, please click here. For more information about Artesunate for Injection, including full prescribing information, please click here.

About FFF Enterprises Inc.

Founded in 1988, FFF Enterprises Inc. is a privately held, multibillion-dollar specialty pharmaceutical distributor specializing in plasma products, rare and orphan drugs, and vaccines. FFF Enterprises is the parent company of leading specialty infusion pharmacy Nufactor, Inc., as well as InCircle, LLC and RightNow Inventory™. Our partners include global pharmaceutical and biologics manufacturers, prestigious healthcare systems, large and independent retail pharmacies, and leading alternate care sites. Our nationwide commerce is supported by a network of distribution and infusion pharmacy locations utilizing world-class technology and cybersecurity solutions.

Please visit FFF Enterprises' news site, as well as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for more information about the company. 

About RightNow Inventory™

RightNow Inventory™, a subsidiary of FFF Enterprises Inc., develops and delivers intelligent inventory management devices and technology solutions that offer healthcare providers on-site, on-demand access to critical and preventive care medications.

Please visit the RightNow Inventory site for more information about the company.

About Amivas (US), LLC

Amivas (US), LLC is a US joint venture focused on the development, manufacture and commercialization of therapeutic products for the treatment of infectious diseases. Headquartered in Frederick, Maryland, Amivas (US), LLC was formed in 2016 expressly for the purpose of bringing treatments to market for rare and neglected tropical diseases.

Please visit the Amivas (US), LLC site for more information about the company.




FFF Enterprises Inc. and RightNow Inventory™ Become Vital Members of the Artesunate for Injection Distribution Network

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