ePac Announces Advance Compliance with PFAS Regulations

Company achieves early compliance ahead of state regulations

Austin, Texas USA, March 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ePac Flexible Packaging is pleased to announce that the company has achieved compliance in advance of all state deadlines related to PFAS and plastic packaging.  

State Laws and regulations banning intentionally added Polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) in packaging have begun to go into effect in 2023. PFAS substances do not break down in water, soil, or the human body and have been identified as a potential health hazard.   Eleven states have already enacted legislation for various forms of packaging with the first plastic packaging related deadline in Vermont of July 1 2023.   Many other states have legislation in process and more will follow.   

According to Dave Long, ePac’s VP Product and Market Development “There is a lot of confusion in the market due to each state developing different legislation  and   establishing  different deadlines for paper based or plastic based packaging.  ePac, and our supply chain partners, worked hard to ensure early compliance so our customers would not have to worry about this and focus on safely growing their business.” 

About ePac:

ePac is the world's largest networked flexible packaging provider, serving brands of all sizes across the globe. Founded in 2016, ePac began with a single plant in Madison, Wisconsin serving predominantly community-based small and medium sized brands. Today, through its proprietary technology platform - ePacONE (One Network Everywhere), ePac provides brands of all sizes the ability to produce any size order in any of its 23 facilities across the globe. 

ePac offers a full complement of sustainable film options, while its print technology platform is carbon-neutral and inherently eco-friendly. Further, the company offers true order to demand capability, helping brands reduce inventory and obsolescence.

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ePac Announces Compliance with PFAS Regulations

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