Lava Learning is launching their revolutionary online services for mental math courses

Lava Learning, a visual math-based instruction course based in Walnut Creek, California, is launching its online instruction course for mental math.

Walnut Creek, California, March 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lava Learning, a visual math-based instruction course, is bringing the tradition of mental math academics to students aged five to twelve years old through the utilization of the Aloha Mind Math curriculum. They are doing this through the launch of their online hands-on program, which utilizes teaching methods such as the abacus nationwide.

At Lava Learning while students are engaging with learning materials they will be developing higher-level math skills as they are able to see and touch the math they are studying. This engages the whole brain and increases problem-solving skills. This approach to math compliments what students are already learning in the classroom with a fun twist. The addition of a hands-on approach to learning has been shown to increase student enjoyment of math.

By teaching math visually, Lava Learning is revolutionizing the academic landscape for the nation’s youth. Students who participate in visual math are more likely to progress faster in their studies throughout school and excel above their peers.

The program is a one-hour learning session that takes place after school via Zoom. Lava Learning has found the kids enjoy the time they spend working on math with the instructors. The classes are held with five to seven students and one teacher. The instructors spend time working with each kid individually, so they can understand how the student is doing and what will work best for them. During the last 30 minutes, the whole class works on fun math games and activities.

Teachers at Lava Learning are in constant contact with parents and give them updates on how their children are progressing through the program.

Lava Learning has three years' worth of curriculum with some students rapidly working through the studies due to the utilization of the whole brain. The average time it takes to complete all the material is only a year and a half to three and a half years, depending on the age of the student when they start the program.

The upper levels of the courses see students working with large numbers in subjects such as multiplication, long division, algebra, and square roots. Students work through a series of 18 workbooks, which are set up so the kids will enjoy the work and want to stay working through the material while setting goals to complete the 18 workbooks.

The instructors have a high passion for working with their students. With over 50 years of combined experience in teaching and academia, the staff is highly qualified and eager to unlock the potential in their students through the use of mental math.

This develops the problem-solving part of their brain, and it helps in all academic pursuits, not just math. So what we find is that's why kids like it, that's why it's natural, and they're amazed at what they can do,” says Hali Hausmann, Founder of Lava Learning. “So while they learn the technique on the abacus what we're doing in parallel is having them imagine the abacus and then doing the math in their imaginary abacus.”

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