Vega Cloud Guarantees Minimum 10% Savings on Monthly Cloud Spend

The cloud optimization company will identify savings opportunities within seven days or the customer pays nothing for Vega Cloud’s software

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash., March 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vega Cloud announces a new offering for cloud infrastructure users that is intended to help companies save money and accelerate innovation while demonstrating the value of Vega Cloud’s platform. Effective immediately, Vega Cloud is guaranteeing that new customers will be presented with guidance on how to reduce their cloud infrastructure monthly spend by a minimum 10% – or the cost of Vega Cloud’s software is free.

IT leaders are cutting their budgets due to the unpredictability of the economy, and cloud infrastructure is one area they’re looking to save money. The challenge, however, is how to reduce cloud costs without sacrificing cloud’s many benefits (innovation, productivity, etc.). To navigate this tightrope, IT leaders are turning to FinOps professionals who employ tools and techniques to help companies reduce costs associated with cloud and other IT services, while maintaining the infrastructure, applications and tools they need to succeed, grow and compete.

Vega Cloud launched its cloud optimization platform, which is saving customers $3 million per year on average, in 2019. The platform allows Tech leaders to connect, automate, manage and optimize new and existing networks, applications and other multi-cloud elements from a single point of access. It offers features including cost allocation and cost identification, a curated dataset and daily recommendations for cost improvements. Vega Cloud also offers deep automation to implement recommendations that save time and maximize savings. In a typical engagement, customers can expect savings of 15-25% on their cloud infrastructure costs.

The Vega Cloud Guaranteed 10% Savings offer works as follows: at the beginning of their engagement, Vega Cloud and its customer agree on a baseline for monthly cloud spend. Only savings from the agreed upon baseline are applicable. The initial ingest of customer data into Vega Cloud takes 1-3 days, and curated cost savings recommendations are available in no more than seven days. Vega Cloud only gets paid once the savings show up.

Vega Cloud has helped numerous companies reduce their cloud costs over the past four years. For example, a large enterprise company deployed Vega Cloud and saved more than 25% on its cloud costs. The savings provided the company the flexibility to commit to a long-term deal with its cloud provider that was more cost-effective and supportive of its innovation plans.

“Cloud cost optimization is a top priority for Technology leaders in 2023,” said Kris Bliesner, CEO of Vega Cloud. “Our offer provides a risk-free way for companies to save money while showcasing the unique capabilities of our platform and team. We’re excited to offer this guarantee and help our customers lower their costs while maintaining the many benefits of cloud infrastructure.”

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