DenScore Integrates Coherent Spark in New Health Application for Dental Navigation

The real-time spreadsheet-to-code software allows DenScore to provide accurate dental health recommendations at a faster, more affordable rate

NEW YORK, March 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Coherent, a global software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that transforms business logic from spreadsheets into enterprise-grade code, announced today that DenScore, a digital health solution founded by Dr. Kyle Gernhofer and Charlie Hubbard, has launched their new dental navigation application. This new solution leverages Coherent Spark to convert, control and connect spreadsheet logic into DenScore’s health app. This latest partnership adds to Coherent's momentum and growth in new sectors, including healthcare, alongside the company's established verticals of banking and capital markets, and insurance.

After previously working with different developers across multiple companies, DenScore made the move to Spark to seamlessly connect Excel spreadsheets into its health platform and dental apps, making application updates easy and automatic. In fact, Spark has decreased the time spent updating applications by over 50% and does so at a fraction of the cost of other processes.

"Coherent enables business innovators, like Kyle and his team at DenScore, to unlock the value and intellectual property trapped in spreadsheets, and immediately flow it into apps, workflows, and systems for an immediate return on investment. It enables DenScore to be more agile and adapt rapidly to its own customer and ecosystem requirements. We see Spark demonstrating value across key functional areas and across nearly every business vertical," said John Brisco, CEO and co-founder of Coherent. "DenScore is changing the way the healthcare industry operates with patients for the better, and integrating with Coherent Spark is helping them do that for more people in far less time. "

DenScore's newest product is a web application that helps consumers make smarter decisions about their dental care. The app offers an automated dental symptom checker and care navigation portal that assists users with their most pressing dental needs, such as searching for a dentist, managing a toothache, insurance questions, and more. Regardless of their insurance or employment status, DenScore users receive curated tips that they may not get from a dentist or an online search.

"Coherent Spark has played a huge role in our ability to build a product that is tailored to the dental needs of each user and every partner that we work with. When we want to make something better about our solution, Spark makes this easy to do, and it only takes a matter of seconds," said Dr. Kyle Gernhofer, founder and CEO of DenScore. "Plus, I don’t have to get an army of developers involved. If I didn't know any better, I'd say it was magic."

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About Coherent
Coherent is a global software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that transforms spreadsheets into enterprise-grade code. Automatically. Instantly. Spreadsheets are the largest unmanaged surface of intellectual property for most companies. Coherent Spark helps companies to convert, control, and connect spreadsheet logic and models. This helps save our largest customers millions of dollars in development costs, while increasing agility and also reducing risk associated with spreadsheets. End users can create code from existing Excel rules, formulas, and data models in seconds or minutes and make it available via the cloud to securely connect with any modern application. Spark supercharges this by adding deep version control, automated testing, and parallel simulation capabilities. For more information, visit

About DenScore
DenScore is a digital health company that enables people to navigate dental care. Many consumers have no way of knowing if they’re receiving the most appropriate dental care or doing the right things to prevent dental disease. As a result, patients and health plans spend billions of dollars every year on dental care which could have been avoided in the first place. DenScore levels the playing field for its users by providing oral health education and personalized clinical support so they receive the right dental care at the right time. The DenScore app is currently being used by people throughout the United States, and it will be offered to health plans and other organizations soon. For more information about DenScore, please visit

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