Compu-Mail Transitioned to 100% Canon Production Print Technology to Optimize Customer Offerings and Gain Business Efficiencies

Melville, New York, UNITED STATES

Boca Raton, FL, March 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- "We transitioned to a 100% Canon technology print shop, and there’s a reason for that — in fact, there are many reasons for that,” said Anthony Marchioni, Compu-Mail president, in a recent interview with the Compu-Mail leadership team.  

Compu-Mail, a transactional and direct marketing services company located in Grand Island, N.Y., specializes in highly personalized, data-driven marketing for healthcare, retail, casino/gaming, non-profit, higher ed, finance and other industries where data security is critical. 

First on the list of reasons, Anthony Marchioni cites the ability to efficiently meet service level agreements. “Compu-Mail is fully HIPAA compliant with SSAE, and Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type 2 and SOC 3 certifications, and we are expecting to achieve HITRUST certification within the next few months. What does that mean? It means customers know they can trust us with their most sensitive data. Critical communications, like medical correspondence, are time stamped and must be in the patient’s hands in a certain time frame. The Canon varioPRINT iX enables us to do that and efficiently meet SLAs.”

Another reason? Canon Solutions America’s leadership in high-speed production inkjet print. Canon Solutions America has led the evolution of print for nearly a decade, with industry-leading web-fed, sheetfed, and total high-volume inkjet market share in the U.S. reported in 2021. “Canon is clearly the leader in high-speed production inkjet. We have a Canon VarioPrint i300 and love the platform; that is what led us to the Canon varioPRINT iX. Choosing Canon from a technology perspective was the obvious choice,” stated Richard Baker, chief operating officer.

“Then, there is the powerful productivity of the Canon varioPRINT iX,” Richard adds. “Essentially, we took an eleven-press shop and turned it into six (three Canon varioPRINT iX, one Canon VarioPrint i300, and two Canon varioPRINT 6000 TITANs) and are now able to produce more than double the pages per hour with almost half the presses. That’s powerful.” 

“The business efficiencies, flexibility, and print quality we’ve gained are outstanding,” Rich continues.Before we streamlined exclusively to Canon print technology, we had one of every press from various manufacturers, and from a production point of view it was very challenging, with different workflows, sheet sizes, and maintenance requirements. We had flexibility but the wrong kind of flexibility. We had issues when we tried to move things around or control costs. Now, with all Canon technology, we have easy flexibility that is seamless to our customers, ensuring we meet SLA’s, produce a wide range of applications, and deliver consistent, top-quality print — and that’s important to us.”

Exceeding expectations. “We knew Canon had great print technology and a great team of people, but we weren’t aware of all of the additional support you receive as a Canon Solutions America customer. Canon truly exceeds expectations in that regard as well,” Anthony stated. 

When you become a Canon Solutions America customer, every one of your employees receives complimentary membership to thINK, an independent user group of Canon inkjet customers. As part of that membership you receive free tools, training, and resources — from the annual thINK Ahead event to training on thINK Academy, to simply downloading media profiles and the newest evaluated paper or connecting with other Canon Solutions America inkjet customers to collaborate on a project — thINK is designed to provide tools, training, and resources to help you accelerate your success with inkjet.

“What we didn't realize until our Canon Solutions America sales representative brought it to our attention is that thINK also offers complimentary professional services like the Project 360 program. He recommended that we take advantage of that and I’m so glad we did. Project 360 was phenomenal; it removed some blinders we had being so close to our day-to-day operations, and led us to gain even more efficiencies than we anticipated. I highly recommend that Canon Solutions America customers take advantage of this free program.”

Friendly financing. From a financial perspective, Shanin Haskell, vice president of accounting advises, “Half the print devices with more than double the output — what company’s bottom line wouldn’t like that improvement? In addition, the Canon Solutions America financing team made it extremely easy for us.”  Diane Wasieczko, general manager, adds, “With my focus on human resources and ‘everything else’, the strategy to streamline our print shop to Canon creates a more Zen type of environment, certainly for me but for all Compu-Mail employees.”

When asked what recommendations the Compu-Mail leadership team has for others entering the inkjet market, Dr. Charles DeWald, CEO replied, “Two words: outperform yourself.” That’s the philosophy behind Compu-Mail’s growth from a small service bureau to the $20 million print business it is today. Established in 1996, Compu-Mail sprung from the roots of a data processing service bureau founded in 1968 that laid the foundation in leveraging data for highly personalized marketing. With this philosophy, Compu-Mail became an early adopter of variable data printing. Fast-forward 55 years, and they are now one of the largest and most trusted high-security print service providers in the country, servicing clientele across the US and Canada. “Always seek to outperform yourself. First you must imagine where you can go, then identify what is holding you back, and do that continuously; it is not a one-time process,” Dr DeWald adds.

“Compu-Mail and Canon Solutions America share the business philosophy of outperforming yourself. We believe in striving for excellence in your field and I believe that is why Compu-Mail and Canon Solutions America are leaders today,” said Francis McMahon, executive vice president, Production Print Solutions, Canon Solutions America, Inc.

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