First Digitally Transparent “Deepfake” Video Charts Path to More Authentic Internet

Truepic,, and Nina Schick partner to demonstrate that transparency in AI-made content is possible and critical to future of business and society

San Diego, CA, April 04, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today Truepic, provider of authenticity infrastructure for the Internet,, an ethical leader in hyperrealistic and synthetic content, and author and generative AI expert Nina Schick, released the world’s first digitally transparent “deepfake'' video created by artificial intelligence. This first-of-its-kind video shows that it is now possible for creators and generative AI companies to stamp their content as computer-generated upon creation. The breakthrough video was marked with a tamper-evident seal using Truepic’s transparency tools, which work on digital photos and videos. The tools are compliant with the open content provenance standard developed by the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA), which allows media to be created and disseminated across any compliant editing service, platform, website, or browser with full transparency about its origin and edits online. Truepic,, and Nina Schick aim to highlight a future where all content on the internet can transparently display where it came from, eliminating any confusion that may result from AI-generated content.

“Untrustworthy digital content, akin to a poisoned well, endangers individuals, businesses, and society. The first signed AI-generated video proves that creating transparent digital media is both possible and vital. Possessing the antidote to a compromised information ecosystem, we must question why we haven't deployed it until now. It’s time to sign all digital content!” said Nina Schick.

“The integrity of our information ecosystem relies on our ability to have a shared sense of reality, and that starts with responsible disclosure of where content originates from. Our partnership with and Nina Schick highlights that a more authentic internet is possible today by transparently marking whether content is human or computer-generated. This advancement opens up the ability for AI-generated content to flourish, while mitigating the potentially devastating impact on our information ecosystem and society at large,” said Jeff McGregor, CEO of Truepic.

The video, titled “Mirror of Reflection,” generated by’s advanced AI modeling based on a multi-camera capture, highlights how generative technologies can deceive our senses and distort our perception of reality. Without authenticity infrastructure and transparency tools, the growing use of generative AI tools poses a significant risk to consumers, businesses, and society. The video was transparently engineered: signed with a tamper-evident and transparent marking, interoperable across any compliant platform, editing service, website, or browser, to responsibly disclose its origin and source. 

“When used well, AI is an amazing tool for storytelling and creative freedom in the entertainment industry. The power of AI and the speed at which it’s developing is something the world has never seen before. It’s up to all of us, including content creators, to design an ethical, authenticated, and transparent world of content creation so we can continue to use AI where society can embrace and enjoy it, not be harmed by it.” said Bob de Jong, Creative Director at

The transparency tools used to responsibly disclose that the Mirror of Reflection video is a deepfake are privacy-first and opt-in, empowering consenting creators to attach transparent details to any piece of content the moment it is created. These technologies also allow the viewing public to be informed of the content's history, edits, and origin. This is a significant step toward a safer, more authentic internet where audiences can make more informed financial, personal, and informational decisions without having to guess what they are looking at. View the full video here and learn more about digital content authenticity and transparency tools here

About Truepic

Truepic provides authenticity infrastructure for the Internet. The company’s transparency tools deliver verifiable information about the origin and editing history of digital content. Truepic is dedicated to advancing products and services that establish transparency in digital content, empowering viewers and users to identify authenticity and differentiate human from computer-generated. Recognized as one of TIME’s Best Inventions and Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas, consumers, businesses, creators, and publishers trust Truepic’s technologies to make informed decisions. For more information, visit

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About Nina Schick 

Nina Schick is an author, entrepreneur, advisor, and public speaker specializing in Generative AI. She is dedicated to making AI accessible and is one of the first experts in the nascent field of Gen AI. Schick is the Founder of Tamang Ventures, an advisory and creative firm focused on Gen AI. She is also the creator of ‘The Era of Generative AI’ online community, and her debut book, ‘DEEPFAKES,’ is the first book published on AI-generated content. Schick has worked on diverse projects, from advising the President of the United States to consulting technology businesses on specific Gen AI strategies. Learn more at


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