SolakGPT Ecosystem offering Browse-2-Earn and Solak DeFi has been launched

The AI-powered web3 browser rewards people for spending time online while safeguarding their data.

Singapore, Singapore , April 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

A new ecosystem Solak has been launched that offers a web3 Browser/Extension with an integrated DeFi ecosystem which encompasses Swap, Liquid Staking, NFT Marketplace, Dex, Lend, & Borrow. Crypto/NFT/DeFi enthusiasts and internet users will now be able to utilize the ecosystem's web3 browser to earn rewards while spending time online. Multi-chain operations like Polygon, BSC, Ethereum etc. projects will be supported by Solak.

The AI browser enables personalized searches because of its AI algorithms that understand the person's browsing behavior and preferences, and offer customized products or content that they are interested in. Moreover, AI can stop malware and phishing by detecting patterns and analyzing browsing behaviour. It also optimizes web page loading speed by preloading content and predicting user behaviour that the person is likely to access next. Additionally, people on the platform can choose an AI-powered voice assistant to enable a completely hands-free browsing experience when navigating or searching a web page.

Talking to the media, about the launch, a representative for the ecosystem said, “Nowadays it's common to spend hours on browsers like Chrome or Safari. With our web3 Solak browser, they not only leverage the features on offer from Solak but also earn incentives for their surfing activities. Our team is passionate about making the crypto sphere and DeFi ecosystem as convenient and rewarding as possible for users.”

The browser also has a web-browsing plugin, SolakGPT that shows users their search requests in real time. It browses the most useful sources and pulls the best content possible. To aid the user so they can fact-check themselves, it offers citations. The team at Solak AI Browser is working on a host of plugins for ChatGPT that will let people book travel, make restaurant appointments, do complex math problems, and buy groceries.

The spokesperson went on to add, “We are big on data privacy and also have an in-built ads blocker that stops pestering ads to infringe on a user's privacy. The trackless feature allows people to browse safely and have peace of mind. Solak users also get protection from fraudulent and malicious websites throughout their downloading, and browsing experience.”

To get started, people only have to install Solak Browser/Extension or buy SOLAK themes. The ecosystem is also working on improving the lives of DeFi traders easy who pay exorbitant fees for transactions on platforms like NFT Marketplace, DeX etc. The platform is planning to eliminate charges and allows the trader to use all DeFi options like swap, trade, lend, and borrow for only $20 per year fees which can be paid in Sol or ETH.

The Solak Browser supports Android and iOS devices as well as desktops. People interested in learning more about the platform can visit their website today and read the whitepaper.




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