Women’s Health Leader Elidah Launches Game-changing ELITONE URGE Device To Treat Overactive Bladder

Urgency Treatment from Industry Leader Is Only Over-the-counter Home Device For High-Growth OAB Market

MONROE, Conn., May 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Providing the same relief for overactive bladder (OAB) that they’ve become known for in the stress urinary incontinence arena, MedTech Elidah is excited to introduce their newest product, ELITONE URGE (https://elitone.com/products/), the first and only non-intrusive treatment for urge incontinence. This latest device, a natural successor to ELITONE, is specified to treat urgency bladder leaks that afflict 33 million women in the United States alone. ELITONE URGE is an external, non-implanted muscle stimulator that outputs signals to calm the muscles and nerves that cause urgency or OAB leaks. The patented design maximizes comfort and efficacy, while being discreet and wearable under clothes, for the perfect urge incontinence therapy.

Clinically-proven Treatment
ELITONE URGE received FDA-clearance recently to treat urgency leaks after achieving clinically significant leak reduction for 76% of study participants after just 6 weeks of treatment. Nearly all women in the study (97%) achieved some reduction in urge leaks, and all quality of life metrics showed improvement. ELITONE URGE has fewer side-effects than incontinence medication. The device - a life-changing option for a market of tens of millions of women, many of whom are older, whose best solutions in the past might have been pads, diapers or simply staying close to the restroom at all times - is clinician-recommended and available without a prescription. 

“Before ELITONE URGE, there were no efficacious at-home treatments for OAB leaks,” explains Gloria Kolb, CEO of Elidah. “Incontinence medications are problematic, and invasive implants are often not lasting solutions. By ensuring women can easily and safely treat their leaks without side effects, we know we will be helping millions of people cost-effectively.”

Accessible Solution for Millions of Women
ELITONE URGE is the first and only FDA-cleared home device to treat overactive bladder leaks that is available over-the-counter. Elidah sought clearance for OTC availability, a far more intense approval process than for prescription, to substantially increase the access to a proven treatment in the growing OAB market. “We felt it critical to meet OAB sufferers where they are,” Kolb emphasized. Millions of women who struggle with overactive bladders now do not need to get office treatments for improved outcomes, and can ultimately lower their overall healthcare costs.  

“After two surgeries, multiple OAB treatments, and bladder botox - nothing helped. I was getting up every hour or two to use the bathroom,” complained Jackie, who participated in the clinical study. “But ELITONE URGE is awesome. I now have very few, if any, ‘accidents’ and I can go much longer between bathroom visits - which means I can go shopping without finding a restroom in every store!”

ELITONE URGE is a welcome solution for the crippling effect OAB has on quality of life. Urologists agree that OAB is more bothersome than other incontinence types, as it tethers them to the bathroom. Now, a Mom of four exclaims “Game changer! I thought incontinence was my life sentence. I’m seeing real results. Thank you. This treatment is a godsend.”

Elidah is a woman-owned medical device company based in Connecticut, USA. With FDA-cleared ELITONE (https://elitone.com) and ELITONE URGE, they are industry leaders in delivering women’s healthcare options that are clinically effective, dignified, and improve lives.

Tammy Marino