Bugatti Group Pioneers Web 3 Adoption with New Fully Official Customizable Limited Edition Luggage Partnership Program

Boisbriand, Quebec, CANADA

Montreal, Quebec, May 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bugatti Group has been taking the business world by storm with its innovative approach to web 3 technology. The company has been utilizing blockchain technology to expand its business in ways never seen before, bringing users into the brand's ecosystem, offering unique opportunities for the users to build their own business alongside the brand. Further so, with a focus on mass web 2 adoption, Bugatti Group has made significant investments in new machinery and technology to produce 100% customizable, eco-friendly luggage, cross bodies, and more.

Now, Bugatti Group is launching a new program that will allow web 3 projects to partner with the brand to create Official Customizable Limited-Edition products that can be launched and customized by communities via their token-gated store in which the users can customize their official products with their own NFTs. With the ultimate goal of having web 3 branded luggage seen across global airports, this approach is set to revolutionize the way brands approach web 3 adoption.

Bugatti Group has already partnered for the official launch of the new website with brands such as Super Normal, Apes Together Strong, Toxic Skull Club, EAT, Violetta Zironi, Grandpa Ape Country Club, Pepe Ape Yacht Club, Apocalyptic Apes, Kitaro, all projects who have achieved impressive success in the web 3 space. This program is just the start of a new era for Bugatti Group, as the company strongly believes that web 2 brands need to create valuable, innovative user experiences in the space to help onboard web 2 with this amazing and beneficial technology for their consumers.

The limited-edition luggage partnership program is an excellent opportunity for web 3 projects to partner with a world-renowned brand and showcase their innovation, art and creativity to a global audience. The token-gated store ensures that only members of the community can access and customize these limited-edition products, adding a layer of exclusivity and value to the brands.

Bugatti Group's dedication to mass web 2 & web 3 adoption is evident in its investments and partnerships. The new program is yet another example of the company's commitment to bringing web 3 technology to the forefront of the business world. With the launch of this program, we can expect to see more web 3 branded luggage and other products in airports across the globe, solidifying Bugatti Group's position as a trailblazer in the world of web 3.

About Bugatti Group:

Known for its expertise, innovation and the quality of its products, the Bugatti Group is a North American company that designs, manufactures, imports, and sells, travel bags, luggage, and business bags worldwide. Headquartered in Quebec Canada and with offices in the United States and Asia, the Bugatti Group is also active in international markets with its flagship and global brands, as well as those under license. Learn more at


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