Stella Opens Flagship PTSD Treatment Location in Chicago and Secures $7M in Funding

Funds raised from Sterling Partners will be used to further innovative research and expand access to cutting-edge care

CHICAGO, May 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Stella, a leader in comprehensive treatment for post traumatic stress, anxiety, stress, depression, traumatic brain injury, and Long COVID, today announced a new growth equity round of $7 million. The capital raise will be used to advance Stella’s industry leading mental health research and open locations across the US and abroad.

Stella, a Sterling Partners (“Sterling”) portfolio company, also unveiled its new flagship facility in Chicago, which will serve as a hub for innovative treatments, research, and medical training – including hosting clinical trials and uncovering effective, science-backed treatment protocols and methodologies.

Founded in 2020, Stella has treated over 6,000 patients to date. Stella targets the physical injury caused by mental trauma with biological interventions and is most widely known for Dr Lipov's advanced Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) protocol, the Dual Sympathetic Reset (DSR). DSR consists of two injections of local anesthetic next to a bundle of fight or flight nerves in one side of the neck to reset the nervous system and alleviate PTSD symptoms. In just 20 minutes, this revolutionary procedure seeks to treat injury to the stellate ganglion, which can alleviate even the most severe symptoms of PTSD, including irritability, hypervigilance, insomnia, and more.

“Stella's vision is to reimagine how we treat mental health challenges and become the go-to destination for individuals seeking comprehensive, transformative, compassionate care,” said Philippe Sanchez, Chief Executive Officer of Stella. “Our Chicago flagship represents the next step in our journey to expand clinical research efforts, and bring hope and healing to even more struggling individuals.”

This new round comes as Stella experiences rapid growth, treating 40% more patients in Q1 2023 as compared to the previous quarter, and administering treatment at over 35 partner locations across the U.S., Israel, and Australia. Stella has also introduced multiple new treatment protocols and modalities, including Ketamine Infusion Therapy, and the recently awarded SOF Protocol – a treatment that combines the benefits of ketamine and DSR.

"As a medical community, it is our duty to explore innovative biological interventions that can provide life-changing care for those experiencing PTSD and related mental health challenges,” said Dr. Eugene Lipov, Chief Medical Officer at Stella. “Our clinical leadership will continue to lead the way in neurological trauma care and uncover effective, science-backed protocols that can improve the lives of countless patients around the world."

“We believe Stella can be the first to change the treatment landscape forever,” said Steven Taslitz, Sterling’s Chairman. “Stella is positioned to help millions of people suffering and DSR has the potential to redefine our collective understanding of what is possible for mental health care. It’s that simple.”

Stella’s treatments are explored further in Dr. Lipov’s new book, “The Invisible Machine” – now available for purchase from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, and other major retailers. Co-authored by Jamie Mustard and Holly Lorincz, the book details the origin and impact of DSR in order to educate people on this life-changing treatment.

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About Stella: Stella is committed to delivering better mental health care through responsible innovation. Stella’s team of board certified physicians, advanced psychiatric nurse practitioners, psychologists, and tireless advocates provide comprehensive care across 35+ USA locations, as well as in Israel and Australia.

About Sterling Partners: Sterling Partners ("Sterling") is a diversified investment management platform founded in 1983 and based in Chicago. Sterling has nearly four decades of experience building high-growth, tech-enabled businesses, and healthcare organizations. Sterling has invested over $500M in numerous companies in the healthcare and life sciences industries over several decades. For more on its healthcare portfolio, visit here. For more information, visit

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