Axis Research & Technologies Announces Integration of OMNIMED™ SmartOR™

Technology Platform Gives Medical Device Companies, Surgeons and Educators Data-Driven Insights to Improve Testing and Training

IRVINE, Calif., May 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Axis Research & Technologies, a premier bioskills training and cadaver lab supporting medical device research and testing, announced the integration of OMNIMED™ SmartOR™ across its four locations (Nashville, Tenn., Chattanooga, Tenn. Irvine, Calif., Columbia, Md.). OMNIMED SmartOR is a customized network of modular, data-driven technologies that sense, observe, and understand the complex activities of laboratory surgical suites and hospital operating rooms.

“The integration of OMNIMED SmartOR into Axis’s distinguished bioskills lab facilities across the U.S. dramatically changes the playing field for medical device testing,” said Hugh Dodson, CFO and COO of OMNIMED. “For the first time ever, medical device companies, surgeons and researchers can access real-time data from intraoperative procedures to make educated, informed decisions that will improve performance and guide best practices.”

OMNIMED SmartOR’s SaaS model and technology platform uses a combination of secure, sophisticated technologies to gain access to millions of data points and real-time information. These insights inform decision-making and improve efficiencies, accuracies, and procedures. Data is highly encrypted in transit and protected to prevent theft and loss.

“Introducing OMNIMED SmartOR into Axis facilities will enhance research and development, marketing exposure, and sales implementation for medical device companies, and provide more robust training for all healthcare providers,” said Dr. Mark G. Freeman, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon from Chattanooga, Tenn. and Chief Medical Advisor at Axis Research & Technologies. “More importantly, the adoption of this disruptive, innovative technology into hospitals, surgery centers and educational lab settings will reduce costs, increase efficiencies in care, improve patient outcomes, and deliver better value-based healthcare.”

OMNIMED SmartOR was created in collaboration with leading names in the healthcare industry including Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, Maya HTT, BDO’s Center for Healthcare Excellence and Innovation and BDO Digital, and Axis Research & Technologies.

“OMNIMED SmartOR is the future of operating rooms, surgical centers, and other procedure-based facilities,” continued Dr. Freeman.

Axis’s high-tech educational lab settings and event facilities are staffed with well-trained, highly organized, and knowledgeable personnel who provide unmatched levels of service. Clients are free to focus on their medical education, symposium, or surgical training while the professionals at Axis oversee every detail to make each event a success. Available services include tissue sourcing, specimen preparation, equipment readiness, and room configuration. Catering and other customizable on-site offerings are available upon request.

“Data is rapidly changing how laboratories operate,” said Jill Goodwin, COO of Axis Research & Technologies. “Our partnership with OMNIMED is a game-changer for our clients who come from around the globe to conduct research and development as well as didactic and cadaver training.”

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About Axis Research & Technologies
The premier bioskills training and cadaver lab supporting medical device research and training, Axis Research & Technologies supports professionals in healthcare innovation by providing world-class facilities, medical equipment, tissue sourcing, and audio-visual services for surgeons, medical professionals, and medical device companies for research and development, to practice surgical techniques, develop and perfect medical devices and provide education to audiences worldwide. Axis offers the most advanced HIPAA-compliant global broadcasting and hi-tech A/V capabilities in Irvine, Calif., Columbia, Md., Nashville, Tenn. and Chattanooga, Tenn.

About OMNIMED™ SmartOR™
OMNIMED™ SmartOR™ is an intelligent customized network of modular, data-driven technologies that sense, observe and understand the complex activities of modern surgical suites. The platform uses a combination of sophisticated technologies and a software (SaaS) interface to gain access to millions of data points and deliver real-time information to inform decision-making to improve efficiencies, accuracies and procedures critical for improving patient outcomes. To learn more about OMNIMED SmartOR visit or call 1-888-71-OMNIMED.

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