Marimekko Corporation: Managers' transactions (Vikkula)

Helsinki, FINLAND

Marimekko Corporation, Managers’ transactions, 22 May 2023 at 1.00 p.m.

Marimekko Corporation: Managers' transactions (Vikkula)

Marimekko Corporation’s Annual General Meeting held on 13 April 2023 resolved that approximately 40 percent of the annual remuneration of the members of the Board of Directors will be paid in Marimekko’s shares acquired from the market. Pursuant to the resolution, shares have been acquired as follows:


Person subject to the notification requirement
Name: Vikkula, Marianne
Position: Member of the Board/Deputy member
Issuer: Marimekko Corporation
LEI: 74370053IOY42B9YJ350

Reference number: 74370053IOY42B9YJ350_20230519150338_33


Transaction date: 2023-05-19
Venue: XHEL
Instrument type: SHARE
ISIN: FI0009007660
Nature of the transaction: RECEIPT OF A SHARE-BASED INCENTIVE

Transaction details
(1): Volume: 1118 Unit price: 0.00 EUR

Aggregated transactions
(1): Volume: 1118 Volume weighted average price: 0.00 EUR

Released by: Corporate Communications, Anna Tuominen, tel. +358 40 584 6944

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Marimekko is a Finnish lifestyle design company renowned for its original prints and colors. The company’s product portfolio includes high-quality clothing, bags and accessories as well as home décor items ranging from textiles to tableware. When Marimekko was founded in 1951, its unparalleled printed fabrics gave it a strong and unique identity. In 2022, the company's net sales were EUR 167 million and comparable operating profit totaled EUR 30.4 million. Globally, there are roughly 150 Marimekko stores, and online store serves customers in 35 countries. The key markets are Northern Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and North America. The Group employs about 460 people. The company’s share is quoted on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd.