Blockgraph Announces Launch of GraphPort, Enabling Companies Without First-Party Identity Data to Achieve Accurate Data Matching and Targeting for All TV Advertising

New Technology Solution Will Facilitate Interoperability Across Identity Solutions for Advertisers, Publishers and TV Distributors

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, June 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blockgraph, the technology company making the future of privacy-focused, data-driven TV advertising possible, today announced the launch of GraphPort, a new product that facilitates permissioned mapping of third-party identity graphs to Blockgraph’s comprehensive Identity Operating System (IDoS). GraphPort will allow all companies — including those without first-party identity data — to take advantage of Blockgraph’s fast, effective, and deterministic identity matching for total TV advertising.

“Effective, relevant and privacy-safe advertising is the goal of both brands and consumers, but the existing technology ecosystem for identity matching makes it expensive and time-consuming to achieve this goal,” said Jason Manningham, CEO of Blockgraph. “Until now, advertisers without their own first-party identity data couldn’t easily target households across distinct data and clean room platforms. The launch of GraphPort puts deterministic identity matching in the hands of every advertiser, with the result being greater scale and accuracy for marketing campaigns across all TV platforms.”

GraphPort, the new data-driven advertising solution from Blockgraph, enables proprietary third-party identifiers to be protected and connected to corresponding identifiers within the Blockgraph ecosystem. GraphPort reduces hurdles and increases transparency in the matching process, finally making fast, accurate and privacy-focused identity resolution and targeting attainable for every advertiser regardless of the source of their existing data assets.

“We are focused on solving for interoperability across a dynamic and complex identity landscape for the TV and premium video ecosystem,” said Mark McKee, GM of FreeWheel. “GraphPort helps to enable buyers and sellers to more seamlessly and efficiently transact in today’s data-driven TV marketplace.”

“Identity resolution is of critical importance in today’s complex media and advertising environment, and this process has consistently been one of the most complicated aspects of data-driven TV advertising,” said Mari Tangredi, SVP, Global Partnerships at Cadent. “GraphPort will allow our Aperture Platform customers, who rely on us to power their cross-screen TV audience enablement and media activation needs, to enable a connection with the leading TV providers within the Blockgraph ecosystem, reducing friction in data connectivity.”

The launch of GraphPort follows the recent news that Blockgraph delivers 10x improved match rates through their partnership with Kantar. As a result, partners can maintain control of their identity data and deploy it more effectively and efficiently. The industry-wide acceptance of Blockgraph’s clean technology and its continued adoption by key players in the industry empowers partners to execute data-driven addressable TV campaigns more successfully and at scale.

About Blockgraph
Blockgraph is a technology company that makes the future of data-driven TV advertising possible. The world’s leading media, technology, and information services companies collaborate with trusted partners using Blockgraph’s Identity Operating System (IDoS) to create and implement privacy-focused targeting and measurement solutions. Blockgraph is owned by Charter Communications Inc., Comcast NBCUniversal, and Paramount. For more information, please visit Blockgraph at

Alexandra Levy