Ingage and Creative Mind Concepts join forces to empower the home services industry

YARDLEY, Pa., June 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ingage, the industry leader in sales presentations, and Creative Mind Concepts, the experts in crafting persuasive sales presentations, have partnered together to empower the home services and home improvement industries to create powerful and professional digital sales presentations.

Creative Mind Concepts is dedicated to bringing every company’s vision to life while also creating exceptional presentations that will rise above the competition and help sales reps close more deals. Their proprietary process allows them to deliver a first draft presentation at 95% completion due largely in part to their highly experienced team of designers, sales leaders and even AI experts who perform all of the research and content creation so you can focus on what you do best. They’ve worked with seven of the top ten home improvement companies nationwide to help them build a brand story that will showcase their services and win more business. Through their partnership with Ingage, home improvement companies can now expect expertly crafted presentations delivered on the industry’s most powerful presentation platforms.

Ingage delivers interactive sales presentation technology to the home improvement industry and has become a leading technology provider in the space. With its dynamic and interactive presentation features, robust sharing tools and rich analytics, Ingage’s powerful presentations give sales leaders the tools they need to compete in today’s market and win more business. Through the partnership with Creative Mind Concepts, Ingage is now able to offer contractors a higher caliber of design services to make it easier than ever to wow today’s customers.

“We are delighted to partner with the inventive minds over at Creative Mind Concepts,” says Ingage CEO, Dean Curtis. “In today’s market, we know that you need to turn every lead into a sale. That’s why we’ve partnered with Creative Mind Concepts who will use the powerful dynamic and interactive features of Ingage coupled with their design and marketing expertise to help reps close more deals in the home and beyond!”

"Partnering with Ingage is an exciting opportunity for us," says Creative Mind Concepts CEO, Jeff Lennon. "The synergy between our expertise and their exceptional platform holds great potential for outstanding results. We eagerly anticipate a productive collaboration, combining our strengths to create impactful sales presentations that will drive success for our combined customers."

About Ingage – Ingage has been powering world-class companies with a unique combination of software and storytelling since 2008. Today, elite home services sales teams around the world are delivering 100,000-plus Ingage presentations each week and winning new business. Our team of passionate professionals is here to help customers create, share and measure best-in-class digital content. To learn more, visit

About Creative Mind Concepts – Creative Mind Concepts: The leading experts in crafting dynamic sales presentations for home improvement companies. We specialize in harnessing the power of graphic design, animation, video editing and artificial intelligence to create captivating content that sets your brand apart and motivates customers to take action. Unlock the full potential of your presentations and revolutionize your sales approach with our exceptional services. To Learn more, visit

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