H1 Relaunches Faculty Opinions as H1 Connect, the Online Community Where HCPs and Researchers Access the Latest Breakthroughs in Medicine and Life Sciences Research

Expanded community connects healthcare providers (HCPs) and researchers with global expert opinions and analysis, advancing the bench-to-bedside knowledge flow

NEW YORK, July 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- H1, the leading source of truth for global HCP, clinical, scientific, and research information, today announced the launch of H1 Connect, formerly Faculty Opinions. The new strategic initiative, which includes the expansion of clinical trial and medical research evaluations by leading experts, will bridge the gap between research and clinical practice, delivering unique insights to healthcare practitioners worldwide.

Following its acquisition by H1 in 2022 to make the insights of global thought leaders in medicine and life sciences freely available to all, this move marks a natural evolution for Faculty Opinions. As H1 Connect, the bolstered community solves a number of key pain points for HCPs:

  • Information Overload: Medical knowledge is expanding rapidly, and new research findings emerge frequently. It can be difficult for HCPs to keep up with the evolving evidence base and integrate new information into their clinical practice.
  • Data Fragmentation: Clinical trial data and research findings are often scattered across a plethora of databases, journals, and repositories. This fragmentation makes it difficult for researchers and HCPs to locate and integrate relevant data efficiently and effectively, leading to knowledge gaps and missed opportunities for collaboration.
  • Translating Research to Practice: Translating research findings into clinical practice can be a complex process. HCPs need help assessing the applicability and relevance of research to their patient population, considering factors like patient preferences, comorbidities, and healthcare system constraints.

H1 Connect directly addresses these hurdles by curating research findings and insights from over 8,000 global thought leaders. With H1 Connect, HCPs are empowered to make more informed decisions and stay at the forefront of medical advancements.

With an impressive roster of global Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), H1 Connect provides HCPs with quick-to-read insights and expert commentary that make it easier than ever to keep their fingers on the pulse of the research pipeline. Further, all recommendations and evaluations are free to read, democratizing access to expert opinion and analysis and ultimately enhancing health outcomes for communities across the globe.

"H1 Connect offers a space that is uniquely created for the medical and scientific community, built by the medical and scientific community,” said Ariel Katz, CEO of H1. “We’re proud to offer a resource where HCPs can find the latest evaluations on clinical trials across key therapy areas and the choice of featured articles driven by experts themselves, and not by a prescriptive editorial scope or agenda. By providing easy access to expert opinions and research, we are facilitating knowledge exchange and fostering collaboration among the global healthcare community.”

The H1 Connect community provides a space for HCPs to collaborate with their peers and stay abreast of current expert scientific thinking. Because of its streamlined access and ease-of-use, practitioners can leverage these insights without taking precious time away from their patients and their own daily tasks.

H1 Connect taps experts in their respective therapeutic areas to evaluate the latest clinical trials and research, and amplifies their expertise to transform medical practices. One of the community’s most noteworthy features – its curated content across therapy areas and major indications – serves as a barometer of what experts consider the most critical research at any point in time.

"H1 Connect is more than just a source of information; it is a dynamic community that connects HCPs with their industry peers and thought leaders," said Tiago Barros, VP, H1 Connect. "The extent of the research that H1 Connect encompasses, from basic science to clinical research, is unparalleled. We are delivering insights from bench-to-bedside, democratizing access to expert opinions and analysis, encouraging scientific discourse, and ultimately contributing to a healthier future for all."

For more information about H1 Connect and to join the community, please visit connect.h1.co.

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