CryptoChronic, Revolutionary NFT Collection and Crypto Game, Launches Next Tuesday

Chronic Games Limited is thrilled to announce the launch of CryptoChronic, their groundbreaking blockchain-based video game and its NFTs, on Tuesday, July 18th, at 14:00 (02:00 PM) Central European Time.

HONG KONG, July 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Following their development, Chronic Games Limited is primed to simultaneously launch its Gen 0 collection and landmark game, CryptoChronic, which combines Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn to create the first truly Free-to-Earn ecosystem. The Non-Fungible Tokens will be available for purchase on their website during the game's launch, starting Tuesday, July 18th, at 14:00 (02:00 PM) Central European Time.


These NFTs are artistically designed digital pet strains of marijuana, each possessing genetic traits that unlock various gameplay features. Players can engage in breeding to create new offspring NFTs, manage resources through the "Cannagotchi" system, and participate in player-versus-player battles known as "Smoke-Offs." The launch marks the beginning of their ambitious project, the "Cannaverse," a cannabis-themed metaverse that combines CryptoChronic’s exciting gameplay loops with augmented reality features, blending elements of Pokémon Go and Weedmaps, in a concept they call Tokèmon-Go.


CryptoChronic's Gen 0 Chronics offer augmented stats, rare traits, and higher fertility. They are integrated into all game layers, and the game is free to play, benefiting early adopters as the community grows. Gen 0 will be sold at ETH 0.03, with a 50% discount for Whitelist members, but spots are limited. Concurrently with the NFT collection launch, Chronic Games releases the online version of their full game. Players can now fully engage in game loops that enable NFT holders to level up their Chronics and increase their value, providing opportunities to monetize their collections as they gain experience and reputation.


Riccardo Cangini, Chronic's Chief Gamification Officer, states, "We are extremely excited to enable our fans who have been following us since the beginning to access CryptoChronic fully and truly witness firsthand all the care and love that went into our game. We have been preparing for over a year for this moment, and having debugged, tested, and re-tested our 'baby' extremely thoroughly, we are confident gamers will love it." 

Chief Blockchain Officer, Pierluigi Maori, instead declares, "Our users will witness the truth behind our claims that Chronics are more than just glorified profile pics. They will immerse themselves in the Cannaverse and uncover its complete potential firsthand, finally experiencing the genuine fun it offers, just as we have had in testing it."


Marco Prinzi, CEO of Chronic Games, closes by affirming, "With the potential to change how we think about digital asset ownership and game development, CryptoChronic is paving the way for a new era of gaming. This path must be walked by studios like ours hand-in-hand with gamers. In this light, with multiple direct channels open to our public, such as Twitter and Discord, our team is closely following the launch and is always fully available to support its fervent community during this adventure together."


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