Pixelligent Advances Materials Leadership in Extended Reality Market

Launches PixCor™ Technology for use with PixNIL® Product Line

BALTIMORE, July 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pixelligent Technologies today launched PixCor™, the newest addition to its Extended Reality (XR) product line. The product was developed to boost the functionality of titania (TiO2)—a critical nanoparticle that drives optical performance in XR devices. At certain wavelengths, TiO2 absorbs UV light which can degrade the quality of the optical films and components embedded in the device. PixCor vastly improves UV light stability and is exclusively formulated into Pixelligent’s High Refractive Index (HRI) PixNIL® products.

Now available for sampling, the product broadens Pixelligent’s portfolio of XR-enabling materials and gives XR leaders a new innovative technology to enable their next-generation devices.

HRI materials give XR devices powerful advantages by expanding the field of view (FoV). FoV refers to the observable virtual world that can be seen at a point in time when using the XR headset. A larger FoV creates a much richer viewing experience. As one of the highest-refractive materials available today, TiO2 is ideally suited for this application.

Despite its superior utility, however, TiO2 has limitations, notes Pixelligent Chief Technology Officer Serpil Goner-Williams. “When TiO2 absorbs UV light it can cause a 'yellowing' effect that degrades the image quality,” she said. “Finding a solution became an obsession for us. The urgency intensified as deployment of our PixNIL technology accelerated and customer feedback reinforced the need for a product with greater photochemical and thermal stability. PixCor is the breakthrough result. Based on the device configuration, it can dramatically reduce or potentially even eliminate the yellowing, providing a major boost in performance.”

PixCor was developed to the same exacting performance standards as Pixelligent’s PixNIL products. It comes with the added benefit of improved UV stability enabled by a proprietary shell that surrounds the PixClear® titania particle, while still delivering these advantages: HRI (1.85), low haze (<0.1%) and high transparency (>95%). In addition, PixCor-enabled PixNIL products have demonstrated excellent nanoimprintability with the leading nanoimprint tool makers and can deliver high aspect ratios (6:1). The result is much better optical fidelity and image quality.

Pixelligent CEO Craig Bandes added, “As recent product debuts by XR leaders show, the age of XR has clearly arrived. The next-gen devices will require leading-edge materials to support their extreme operating requirements. We are ready to support our XR customers with the most technically advanced product portfolio and we are committed to driving the innovation needed to enable their product roadmaps.”

PixNIL, PixCor and PixClear are trademarked by Pixelligent Technologies.

For detailed technical information on PixCor products and how they enable XR devices, please contact marketing@pixelligent.com.

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