Fermyon First to Deliver a NoOps Database for Developers Building Serverless Apps With WebAssembly

Delivers #1 Feature Requested by Developers for Full Stack Serverless Functions

LONGMONT, Colo., July 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fermyon Technologies, the serverless WebAssembly company, today announced that it has added a SQL database service to Fermyon Cloud. Developers can now avoid the #1 pain point as they build apps: provisioning and managing databases while having the exact same NoOps experience in their local dev environment and the cloud execution environment. Fermyon Cloud is now a complete serverless offering that is the fastest, most secure, most flexible and most affordable serverless solution on the market.

Fermyon will be showcasing this new capability currently in private beta this week at WeAreDevelopers World Congress.

Last year Fermyon introduced Spin, the popular open source product with more than 3,800 GitHub stars and 96,000 downloads that is the easiest way for developers to build WebAssembly serverless apps. A developer can get started with Spin, going from blinking cursor to deployed serverless function in 66 seconds. Fermyon Cloud is a hosted serverless platform that can start up Fermyon Spin apps in less than a millisecond, caching and optimizing apps as it loads them, providing supersonic performance for each individual app.

Today developers using serverless offerings like AWS Lambda building full stack apps have to painstakingly procure, create, instantiate and manage their own SQL databases for any stateful serverless app. To eliminate this pain, Fermyon has added a hosted and fully integrated SQL backend service directly into Fermyon Cloud so when one serverless request stores data, any other request can instantly retrieve, update or delete that data. This solves one of the serverless developer’s first and most vexing problems: building stateful apps with stateless microservice architectures.

“We are delighted to be Fermyon’s chosen partner in delivering multi-region, edge-based SQLite, functionality to Fermyon’s developers. Fermyon has proven to offer the easiest serverless development experience which is also blazingly fast. Adding Turso to the mix now means serverless developers can develop full stack apps as well as more narrow microservice apps without involving DevOps,” said Glauber Costa, founder and CEO of Turso.

“No longer having to figure out how to connect to a database for basic tasks like persisting session state or storing some simple data tables takes away a major headache for app developers. This nicely adds to the story of positioning WebAssembly as a truly serverless environment that provides code functions with everything, including state, they need to run and scale. Fermyon Cloud's NoOps database using SQLite should cover all of these basic use cases without developers having to install their own database, then find a library to interact with that database, embed this library into a JavaScript to establish and secure a connection between code and database. I’m excited,” said Torsten Volk, managing research director at Enterprise Management Associates.

Today Fermyon is also introducing custom domain names, enabling any Fermyon Cloud customer to bring their own domain to their hosted Fermyon Spin apps just as they would do with any other serverless offering. Combined with the database offering, this makes Fermyon Cloud a complete serverless platform.

“With a NoOps database, Fermyon continues to streamline the process of building and deploying serverless apps. Fermyon Cloud is now a completely functional serverless offering competing with the likes of Amazon Lambda, Netlify, Vercel and other serverless products while utilizing a powerful disruptive technology: WebAssembly. WebAssembly enables us to achieve sub-millisecond cold starts, sandboxed security and freedom from vendor lock-in to the serverless market while also delivering the key capabilities the serverless market expects,” said Matt Butcher, co-founder and CEO of Fermyon. 

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