Suzy Elevates Qualitative Offering and Advances Market Research to New Levels With AI and Advanced Learning

NEW YORK, July 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Suzy, a leading end-to-end market research software platform, is taking its qualitative offering to new heights. At Suzy’s AI-First Summit on July 19, the team unveiled AI-powered Qual Analysis, showcasing its commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology. In addition, through its partnership with Market Research Institute International (MRII), Suzy is now offering its first certified course for advanced learning. With these exciting developments, Suzy demonstrates its dedication to delivering exceptional insights and empowering businesses with invaluable market research solutions.

Powered by AI, Suzy’s Qual Analysis allows enterprise brands to jumpstart their qual analysis, providing fast insights through transcript summaries. Suzy believes market researchers are the experts, and AI-powered Qual Analysis is a tool to help them do their job better and more efficiently than ever before.

Suzy’s AI-powered Qual Analysis allows enterprise brands to:

  • Gain valuable insights with transcript and project summaries, including key learnings, themes, and action items.
  • Back up findings with supportive quotes timestamped for easy reference.
  • Save time and effort by filtering summaries by cohorts, allowing brands to focus on the specific data points that matter most to their research.

Qual Analysis is backed by rigorous legal considerations. Suzy is committed to data privacy and control for all of its users. Nearly 30 enterprise brands are participating in the early access program with new brands added daily.

Suzy is also beefing up their educational content with their first certified course on qualitative research. In partnership with MRII, Suzy’s qual course covers qualitative research basics, including different methodologies and the qualitative research process. In addition to the MRII-certified course, Suzy will launch five new courses, including Intro to Market Research, Developing Qual Discussion Guides, Quantitative Research, and Writing Quant Surveys.

“We’re taking qualitative research to the next level,” said Katie Gross, Chief Customer Officer. “Now, enterprise brands can find the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ faster and with more granularity than ever thanks to Suzy’s AI-powered Qual Analysis. Additionally, our new certified course, in partnership with MRII, empowers teams to truly understand how qualitative research works.”

With integrated quant, qual, and high-quality audiences in a single connected research cloud, Suzy's qualitative offering enables researchers to uncover the underlying motivations behind quantitative data. Suzy provides various options, including video open ends, one-on-one interviews, remote focus groups, and in-home usage testing. Live responses are generated rapidly, ranging from just a few hours for asynchronous input to less than 72 hours for live interviews. With the introduction of AI-powered qualitative analysis, today's enterprise brands can now analyze qualitative data at an accelerated pace. Furthermore, Suzy Academy offers training courses to enhance qualitative and quantitative research skills for every member of the enterprise team.

Experience Suzy’s qualitative offering and learn how AI-powered Qual Analysis works by booking a demo with our team today.

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Founded in 2018, Suzy is an end-to-end consumer insights platform that helps enterprises do more with less. By integrating quant, qual, and high-quality audiences into a single connected research cloud, Suzy unleashes more consumer-centricity with more quality research and more actionable insights so today’s top brands shape every business decision with an in-depth understanding of the consumer. Suzy is trusted and endorsed by some of the biggest brands in the world and integrates both research and product excellence into a product that has propelled Suzy to market dominance in under five years. Suzy has raised over $100 million in venture capital funding from investors that include Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments, Foundry Group, H.I.G. Capital, North Atlantic Capital, Tribeca Venture Partners, Triangle Peak Partners, and Kevin Durant’s 35 Ventures. Learn more at

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