Globiance Exchange & Banking Platform Announces its Australian Expansion

HONG KONG, Aug. 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Globiance is thrilled to announce that Globiance Australia is now available to Australians. On August 3, 2023 Globiance CEO Oliver Marco La Rosa introduced the ‘first and only’ Stablecoin Available worldwide for the Australian Dollar (AUD) - Globiance Exclusive Australian Stablecoin - AUDG.  The Globiance AUDG Stablecoin is pegged to the Australian Dollar at a 1:1 ratio at all times and available on the Globiance Platform.  Globiance has also announced that Australians will now be able to use the extended features of the Platform such as on-ramping fiat, exchanging fiat & crypto, trading, banking services, and staking.

Watch the AU Directors Steve and Mervyn:

Another new addition exclusive to Globiance Australian Platform - ‘PayID®’ has been integrated, providing Australians with an even wider variety of payment options. PayID® is a payment option unique to Australia. PayID® is an easy low-cost, digital payment option available to retailers and customers on the Globiance Platform. Using the PayID® system, customers can pay retailers for purchases by using their unique email address or mobile phone number. It is a low-cost digital payment option retailers can offer, and transfers take around 60 seconds to complete.

The Australian platform offers Limit Pair trading using 100% backed Australian Stablecoin (AUDG). Australians with a variety of trading pairs available such as;

Limit Pairs: 

QuickSwap - for instant trades:

The Globiance Exchange Platform offers a wide variety of crypto, fiat features and banking services - including; Business / Merchant / Retail services. Globiance Account holders have access to ‘Point of Sale’ (POS) and ‘QR-Code Scanning’ for smooth, instant transacting. Retail customers can pay for purchases using their currency of choice and merchants / retailers can receive payment in their chosen currency - with instant  fiat & crypto settlement.

Debit and Banking cards make it easy for Australians to pay for almost anything using their Globiance card, offering the option to pay for purchases etc. using either crypto OR fiat from their Globiance Account - all while earning daily GBEX Rewards. Making referrals by sharing the Globiance ‘Referral Code’ is another way for account holders to earn GBEX for life.  Visit: for full details.

Trades can be executed using the Globiance Limit Trading on Globiance CEX and DEX or QuickSwap - for instant trades, available on the app and website. Following the live tickers on the mobile app means live market- tracking is always readily accessible. Users can track the price of their favorite crypto anytime - from anywhere.

Globiance encourages new development projects on the XDC Network and can help bring new and innovative crypto projects to life for those who don’t know where to begin. Check out the Launchpad feature on Globiance and learn how easy it can be to launch new token projects with the support of the experienced Globiance team. They can help launch new projects from start to finish - including pre-sales and marketing support. Learn more at to get started!

“Globiance is the platform of the future - designed for people everywhere to have access to banking services and to revolutionize the way we send, store and move digital assets.  Welcome to the future!” -
Steve Mc Gowan - Director of Globiance Australia

About Globiance:

Globiance is an all-in-one banking & crypto exchange platform, with payment-gateways, banking services, stablecoins and a centralized (CEX) and decentralized (DEX) exchange marketplace. Globiance has payment resources available for retail  businesses, and offers 24/7 access to crypto and fiat assets. Globiance personal bank/debit cards make it possible to access crypto, shop, transact, earn rewards and more.  Globiance has integrated a substantial Rewards Program for its token holders. It is home to the GBEX Token which is used to power - in-house transactions, staking,  and their unique ‘Rewards’ program on the platform.  As a deflationary token, GBEX is constantly burning the total supply while rewarding holders through a Burn/Reward design.  Globiance is based on the XDC network (XinFin) Blockchain 4.0 which utilizes fast, military-grade, secure software.  The platform offers minimal transaction confirmation times, with low transaction fees.  Globiance is ISO 20022 interoperable and also offers forensic tools. With branches in 13 countries, servicing 5 continents and more on the way, Globiance is one of the most unique and fastest growing platforms in the digital marketplace. 

Globiance is excited to offer their services to all of Australia and looks forward to becoming the preferred Australian Banking / Exchange Platform of choice for Australians. 

For more information visit: or the  website


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