Spatial Computing Leader, SkyView Innovations, Launches Immersive Technology Consulting Practice

Education, strategic planning, design, and tactical execution help businesses deploy virtual worlds and engaging, immersive experiences that leverage digital twins, generative AI, 3D content, AR, XR, VR, and other emerging technologies

MORGANVILLE, N.J., Aug. 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via IBN -- Spatial computing leader, SkyView Innovations (SkyView), today announced the launch of its Immersive Consulting Practice.

SkyView’s team helps organizations capitalize on the benefits of underlying technologies like augmented reality (AR), generative artificial intelligence (AI), digital twins, 3D content, interactive media, real-time data, and gaming engines, by designing immersive experiences that solve specific problems and deliver tangible ROI. By focusing on interconnected systems that are accessible, engaging, secure, and scalable, SkyView overcomes current barriers to adoption.

“Too often, companies’ fear of missing out has them trying to adopt hyped technologies without a clear strategy or understanding of how it will be applied,” said Jeff Kaplan, CEO of SkyView Innovations. “As such, our goal is to first identify and understand your business problems and initiatives. Only when we’re empowered with that critical insight can we effectively design and build a turnkey solution that delivers quantifiable value.”

Leveraging their experience and diverse backgrounds in professional sports, capital markets, retail, manufacturing, telecom, cloud computing, marketing, and entertainment, SkyView’s team has the firsthand knowledge to launch virtual worlds that captivate and engage users in enterprise, industrial, and consumer settings.

Company leadership has more than two centuries of combined expertise and an unmatched track record deploying and supporting enterprise IT, data-driven interactions, and application development. As an extension of customer teams, SkyView leaders leverage their deep domain knowledge in Spatial Computing and Immersive Technologies to design, create, deploy, and manage immersive experiences.

“Working with SkyView Innovations will allow organizations to unlock the limitless potential of AI, digital twins, 3D content, data analytics, AR, and the many other emerging technologies utilized in spatial computing, while adhering to your business processes, protocols, and compliance requirements.

“Also of note is that as a platform-agnostic company, we’re able to pick and choose from the likes of Nvidia Omniverse, Unreal Engine5, Microsoft, and Meta that are best-suited for each client’s needs. Whereas others may be locked into certain vendors, we are beholden to only our customers.”

For enterprises beginning their journeys, SkyView has launched a Spatial Computing Workshop. These sessions offer a practicum that provides an in-depth, immersive, hands-on introduction to the many elements that comprise the spatial computing ecosystem, and their applicability to help organizations build and drive new revenue streams, increase efficiencies, enhance customer engagement, and reduce expenses. Upon completion, SkyView clients are armed with a detailed spatial computing roadmap that aligns to their specific business goals.

SkyView’s Spatial Computing Workshops will also address how to harness the value the breadth of an organization’s data sources within immersive environments to create a competitive advantage. The company’s ability to integrate data, regardless of where it resides, within spatial and immersive solutions is integral to successful industrial digitization. In markets such as banking and financial services, sports, media, entertainment, manufacturing, and transportation, data-driven experiences are paramount.

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About SkyView Innovations
SkyView Innovations is the Premier Provider of Spatial Computing and Immersive Solutions for the enterprise, IT, data, and application development along with extensive experience building modular solutions that meet your specific requirements. We understand highly regulated markets, adhere to all compliance regulations and account for the numerous protocols to ensure authentication, security, quality assurance and user controls. While we design, build and deploy immersive solutions, SkyView also focuses on education and demystifying the Spatial Computing industry and what it could entail for your business. 

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