Tom Rechtin Heating & Air Recognized as "Patriotic Employer" by the Secretary of Defense Office

Rechtin Employee Both Works and Serves Country

Bellevue, KY, Sept. 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tom Rechtin Heating & Air, a leading HVAC company based in Bellevue, Kentucky, is proud to announce that it has been honored with the prestigious "Patriotic Employer" award by the Office of the Secretary of Defense. This recognition highlights the company's unwavering commitment to national security, liberty, and freedom through its steadfast support of employee participation in America's National Guard and Reserve force.

The "Patriotic Employer" award is a testament to Tom Rechtin Heating & Air's dedication to both its employees and the nation. By enabling and encouraging staff members to contribute to the National Guard and Reserve, the company demonstrates its recognition of the vital role these brave individuals play in protecting our nation's values.

One shining example of this commitment is Ed Krift, Jr., a dedicated employee of Tom Rechtin Heating & Air since 1997. Ed's journey includes a remarkable chapter of service in the U.S. Army from 1988 to 1993. In January 2008, he continued his commitment to our nation by joining the National Guard. Since then, Ed has shown unparalleled dedication by actively participating in drill and annual trainings, as well as deploying to both Texas and Iraq.

Throughout his service, Krift has been supported by his employer, who consistently upholds the belief that the company will be here to welcome him upon his return. This steadfast encouragement, understanding, and unwavering support not only exemplifies the values of Tom Rechtin Heating & Air but also contributes to the greater fabric of our nation's defense.

"We are deeply honored to receive the 'Patriotic Employer' recognition," said Tom Rechtin, Jr., President at Tom Rechtin Heating & Air. "At our company, we hold a profound appreciation for the sacrifice and dedication shown by individuals like Ed, who serve in the National Guard and Reserve. Their commitment to our country aligns with our values, and we are committed to standing behind them every step of the way."

Tom Rechtin Heating & Air's recognition as a "Patriotic Employer" highlights their role as a cornerstone of support for the men and women who serve in the National Guard and Reserve. This acknowledgment further solidifies the company's commitment to fostering an environment that values both employee growth and national security.

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