Bloomage Biotech's Hyadom: Pioneering Women's Intimacy Experience with Revolutionary Hyaluronic Acid Lubricant


Parsippany, New Jersey, USA, Sept. 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As societal views on life continuously evolve, an increasing number of individuals are emphasizing health within their relationships. Beyond the fundamental assurance of safety, there's a growing recognition for comprehensive needs such as comfort, mild, and moisture. In response to this, Bloomage Biotech, a beacon in biotechnology and biomaterials, has meticulously researched and introduced " Hyadom™ Hyaluronic Acid Lubricant" offering an elevated choice for quality intimate health that has been highly popular among the younger demographic.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found extensively within human umbilical cords, synovial fluid, vitreous humor of the eye, and skin, inherently possessing safe attributes. However, what's lesser known is that the application of hyaluronic acid in the sexual wellness industry had been a consistent challenge until the advent of the Hyadom™ Hyaluronic Acid Lubricant. The compatibility issue between natural latex and aqueous solutions, combined with the hygroscopic nature of hyaluronic acid, often culminated in product inconsistencies.

Bloomage Biotech Research Institute, committed to harnessing science and technology for product innovation, persevered through nearly half a decade of rigorous study. It successfully discovered the precise methodology, leading to the creation of the Hyadom™ Hyaluronic Acid Lubricant.

It's understood that Hyadom™ distinguishes itself with superior safety, skin affinity, and nourishing properties, especially offering tender care for women during intimate moments. In comparison to common silicone-based lubricants, Hyadom™ is easier to cleanse, leaving minimal residues. Enhanced with an advanced polyol formula, not only does it assure lubrication, but it also serves as a preservative, eliminating the need for additional preservative ingredients, thus bolstering the safety experience.

Moreover, with its refreshing and hydrating texture resembling bodily fluids, Hyadom™ ensures a non-greasy, skin-friendly touch, effectively reducing friction and alleviating discomfort during intimate engagements.

Also noteworthy is how hyaluronic acid can repair damaged cells and rejuvenate cellular structures, providing moisture and nourishment to delicate body areas, thus elevating the overall sensual experience.

Hyadom™'s introduction marks a monumental leap in intimate care product innovation. Upon its launch, it quickly formed partnerships with renowned consumer brands and captured market attention. Leading brands like Jissbon, among others, have incorporated Hyadom™ into their products, resulting in many phenomenal best-sellers.

Today, hyaluronic acid has seamlessly integrated into everyday life, finding its way into a myriad of products. Public data reveals that Bloomage Biotech, addressing a variety of lifestyle needs, has developed over 200 types of hyaluronic raw materials. The application of hyaluronic acid has expanded from traditional sectors like orthopedics, ophthalmology, aesthetic medicine, and cosmetics to emerging areas such as tissue engineering, gastroenterology, oral care, and targeted medications. Through technological innovation and enhanced production efficiency, the once-precious hyaluronic acid is now accessible to the masses, benefiting a wide array of consumers.

Looking forward, Bloomage Biotech's Research Institute, rooted in principles of symbiosis, mutual benefits, and co-creation, aims to empower the entire supply chain by enhancing product value, industry value, and brand prestige. Their contributions to the development, manufacturing, and advancement of bioactive substances hold profound significance in the vast domain of holistic health.

About Bloomage Biotech

In 2000, Bloomage Biotech (formerly Bloomage Freda Biopharm Co., Ltd.) took its first steps as a producer of hyaluronic acid using microbial fermentation. After more than 20 years, Bloomage Biotech has emerged as a leading global biotechnology and biomaterial company specializing in hyaluronic acid industrialization. Bloomage Biotech is dedicated to improving people’s quality of life by creating healthier experiences.


Bloomage Biotech's Hyadom: Pioneering Women's Intimacy Experience with Revolutionary Hyaluronic Acid Lubricant

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