Aporia Unveils New Guardrails Solution to Control Generative AI Performance

AI Guardrails technology ensures robust and unbiased AI product performance, mitigating the risks of hallucinations and misuse in real-time

SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aporia, the leading observability and performance platform for AI products, today announced its AI Guardrails solution, delivering a new standard in securing and optimizing the performance of generative AI-powered products. AI Guardrails provides seamless real-time monitoring and comprehensive control, ensuring a secure environment where AI operates responsibly, eliminating the potential risks of hallucinations or misuse.

The emergence of AI stands out in an era marked by remarkable strides in technology, but the hallucinations and misuse it faces, including the possibility of brute force attacks, present a wide spectrum of threats. These threats range from factually incorrect or inappropriate outcomes to potential endorsements of competitors. A recent study revealed that 76% of consumers are concerned with misinformation from AI tools, and incidents of chatbots touting the superiority of a specific medication without qualifications or providing biased AI recommendations for streaming platforms further highlight these issues. Aporia's AI Guardrails confront these challenges head-on by enhancing the performance and safeguarding generative AI products. By effectively mitigating the risks associated with AI hallucinations and misuse, the solution establishes a secure environment where products operate accurately and adhere to ethical standards.

AI Guardrails seamlessly integrates into any generative AI product, positioned between the large language model (LLM) and the end user. It drives fair and responsible usage by eliminating discriminatory or NSFW (Not Safe for Work) LLM/chatbot responses. Additionally, by managing the risks of data leakage and ensuring the security of sensitive information such as credit card or medical data, this dual-layered protection guarantees the safety of end users and upholds brand integrity by ensuring optimal performance.

The solution adopts a comprehensive approach encompassing observability, visibility, detection, and control, thereby promoting the transparent, responsible and secure integration of AI technology across diverse sectors. These cutting-edge capabilities include real-time alerts, which promptly notify organizations about crucial insights and potential issues related to AI performance.

Unified visibility provides a transparent, consolidated view of all LLM operations, enabling organizations to effortlessly track and analyze AI behavior, while proactive tracking and analysis empower organizations to stay ahead of emerging challenges, ensuring seamless AI operations. Aporia's AI Guardrails offer real-time control over LLM responses, ensuring brand trust and user engagement, and allowing businesses to navigate the dynamic AI landscape with confidence and responsibility.

"At Aporia, we are committed to enabling responsible AI," said Liran Hason, CEO of Aporia. "AI Guardrails not only enhance the performance of AI products, but also establish a secure operating environment where potential risks are proactively managed. This innovation empowers businesses to unlock the full potential of AI while upholding their brand's integrity and customer trust."

In conjunction with the AI Guardrails, Aporia's existing platform offers centralized model management, AI anomaly detection, proactive control, customizable dashboards, root cause analysis, and explainable AI insights. Aporia has established strategic partnerships with companies like Snowflake, Databricks, and AWS to deliver ML Observability solutions to customers around the globe. The company’s distinction as a "Technology Pioneer" by the World Economic Forum this year further underscores its innovative position in the field.

About Aporia

Aporia is the leading observability and performance platform for AI products, recognized as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum for its mission of driving Responsible AI. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders such as Bosch, Lemonade, Armis, Munich RE, and Sixt, Aporia empowers organizations to deploy AI products that are high-performing, responsible, and fair. Its platform offers essential observability and real-time guardrails, enabling data scientists and ML teams to confidently monitor, explain, and enhance models in production.

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