sonnen Unveils Optimized Time-of-Use Technology as a Solution for the Solar Industry to Go Beyond Net Metering™ in California; Expands Partnership with Baker Home Energy

sonnenConnect now NEM Proofs™ the solar industry, starting in California through the expansion of a partnership with Baker Home Energy, by offsetting daily peak periods and expanding dynamic grid services to deliver real customer value.

STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga., Oct. 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- sonnen, a global market leader in smart energy storage and virtual power plant (VPP) technology, today announced the deployment of their Optimized time-of-use (TOU) solution, derived from sonnen’s patented algorithm, into the sonnenConnect California program. This bold move firmly establishes sonnenConnect as the leading NEM 3.0 TOU solution in the California market.

In the sonnenConnect program, the grid interactive VPP will go ‘Beyond Net Metering™’ and ‘Beyond Backup Power™’ by combining smart sonnen batteries with the Optimized TOU Algorithm Technology as a proactive bill management service, resulting in electric bill reduction similar to, or exceeding the previous NEM 2.0 expectations. When viewed as a statewide battery network, sonnenConnect’s bill management service, which responds precisely to the price signals embedded in a NEM 3.0 TOU rate, represents a blueprint to accelerate the energy transition. The Optimized TOU technology is being launched within the existing sonnenConnect program, which allows customers to participate in the CAISO wholesale energy market, earning cash rewards for helping to balance the California energy system daily. As part of the program, customers also have access to proactive backup power services to help mitigate the impact of both planned and unplanned grid outages.

The solar battery daily cycle under sonnenConnect California’s proactive bill management and optimized TOU technology aims to ensure that solar is effectively used and the battery’s energy reservoir is full in-order-to completely offset peak period load daily, regardless of weather-related impacts on solar production, while avoiding the use of valuable stored energy at less than opportune times. Under the watchful eye of sonnenConnect California, the TOU daily algorithm analyzes the day ahead, preparing for potential weather effects and planned grid events. In the case of predicted insufficient PV generation the next day, the algorithm will partially charge the sonnen system with cleaner and cheaper energy during super off-peak periods, thereby balancing the grid while supplementing lower solar production. As a result, sonnenConnect California is the only program in the market that ensures customers will not pay peak-period pricing at any point throughout the year and that their solar will not be wasted by way of low value grid injection.

As it pertains to the few days per year where solar grid injection makes financial sense under NEM 3.0, sonnenConnect California’s Optimized TOU Technology will dispatch specific smart battery injection sequences, injecting only when it is valuable, based on Avoided Cost Calculator or “ACC” price signals under NEM 3.0.

sonnenConnect is a unique program in California that will balance solar generation, load, and the needs of the grid daily, achieving the optimal load shape and flexibility for society’s energy system, resulting in maximum customer savings. California requires an authentic solution that provides a blueprint to overcome system wide challenges and transforms renewable energy into firm dispatchable grid assets, while elevating behind-the-meter customer energy systems.
sonnenConnect currently offers four distinct grid services, with two more slated to be available next year, while dispatching batteries year-round, offering sonnen customers an unmatched value stack.

“Our German heritage has taught us a great deal about the potential of grid optimized energy storage systems, functioning as a single grid asset, providing authentic grid services for society in a manner that accelerates true energy transition,” said Blake Richetta, Chairman and CEO of sonnen Inc. “Over the past four years, we have been thrilled to replicate and expand on the genuine impact of the sonnen mission here in the United States, primarily in Utah, with our landmark Rocky Mountain Power Wattsmart Battery Grid Management System. Now, as a result of the NEM 3.0 advancement in California and our flagship California partner Baker Home Energy, it is with great pride and tremendous passion that we finally can bring the true value of our technology and of behind-the-meter energy storage in general, to my home state of California. sonnenConnect California represents a transformative advancement in California’s solar industry. And the Baker sonnen team has only just begun.”

With the implementation of sonnenConnect’s patented TOU algorithm, sonnen will expand their partnership with Baker Home Energy. This program is the centerpiece of Baker Home Energy’s innovative ChargeOn residential customer Program in Southern California, which effectively NEM Proofs their business while providing Baker customers with an entire array of benefits, both sonnen and non-sonnen related, resulting in a market leading NEM 3.0 offer. The Baker organization’s objective is to enroll 6,000 batteries in the ChargeOn program in Southern California by 2025. With the implementation of NEM 3.0, Baker’s ChargeOn customers are maximizing the benefits of optimized bill management and revenue generating grid services as an evolution beyond net-metering.

“With ChargeOn, Baker and sonnen's joint VPP program, we have already differentiated ourselves from the competition by offering an unparalleled grid services package that generates cash rewards for our customers enrolled in sonnenConnect,” said Mike Teresso, President of Baker Home Energy. “With the addition of sonnenConnect’s patented bill management technology, Baker will continue to deliver on our promise of leveraging technology to deliver power and comfort while maximizing their electricity bill savings. sonnen’s algorithm puts the customer’s financial interests at the forefront of the program, strengthens our brand, and establishes ChargeOn as a scalable model for the energy transition.” 

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