Qgiv Unveils Strategic Vision for AI Fundraising Solutions

Qgiv introduces Fundraising IQ, a set of AI, machine learning, and data science tools designed to optimize fundraising results and reduce administrative tasks for fundraisers.

LAKELAND, fla., Oct. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Qgiv, a leading provider of fundraising technology solutions, announced its strategy for embracing artificial intelligence and machine learning across the platform with its latest set of features, Fundraising Intelligence by Qgiv (Fundraising IQ).  This collection of tools is designed to empower nonprofits and fundraisers to maximize their impact by simplifying day-to-day tasks.

Simultaneously, Qgiv has joined Fundraising.AI’s Framework Toward Responsible AI for Fundraising, a groundbreaking initiative dedicated to promoting ethical and responsible use of AI in the nonprofit sector. Qgiv will join the Fundraising.AI steering committee, a collaborative of industry leaders, nonprofits, and AI experts to help establish ethical principles to guide the deployment of AI use in the nonprofit industry.

"AI has been around for many years, but only recently has it become available for more consumer-based applications. Our goal is to connect nonprofits with the power of AI, responsibly and ethically, to help them achieve their full fundraising potential and further their missions," said Todd Baylis, CEO of Qgiv, Inc. "The release of Fundraising IQ and our commitment to the Framework Toward Responsible AI for Fundraising is only the beginning—our hope is that AI-driven solutions can help reduce burnout among fundraisers by automating manual tasks and ultimately improve the giving experience."

Fundraising IQ represents a significant leap forward in the fundraising industry, equipping nonprofits with cutting-edge AI, data science, and machine learning tools to enhance their fundraising campaigns, donor engagement, and overall efficiency. Launched and soon to be released features that fall under Fundraising IQ include:

  • Dynamic Giving Amounts: Fundraising IQ leverages machine learning to analyze donor data and suggest dynamic, personalized donation amounts to donors to increase conversions.
  • Generate Emails with AI: Qgiv’s Fundraising Content Assistant uses AI to help nonprofit teams craft peer-to-peer emails in seconds, freeing up time for fundraisers to focus on building meaningful relationships with their donors.
  • Auction Item Recommendations: Organization’s using Qgiv’s auction tools can maximize their revenue and save time with suggested starting bids and bid increments to optimize performance.
  • Automated Campaign Improvement Suggestions: Fundraising IQ continuously analyzes campaign performance, and will soon provide real-time benchmarks to help organizations optimize their fundraising efforts for maximum impact.
  • AI-Generated Fraud Protection: To protect nonprofits from fraud and mitigate card testing, Qgiv has adopted an AI-enhanced fraud protection system that detects bots and malicious card tests. This automated security measure has resulted in a 97% drop in card testing on Qgiv forms.

“We view the rise of AI in technology, and launch of Fundraising IQ, as an exciting opportunity to help busy nonprofit teams raise more for their missions. As we look towards the future, Qgiv clients can expect to see more time saving, AI-powered solutions implemented within the platform,” said Chris Morata, vice president of product at Qgiv. Inc.

Nonprofit organizations looking to embrace AI technology can learn more about the current features available within Fundraising IQ here.

About Qgiv: Qgiv, Inc. is a leading digital fundraising platform empowering 20,000+ nonprofit fundraisers to raise money for their causes while keeping costs low. Through online giving and event registration forms, text fundraising, peer-to-peer fundraisers, and auction events, Qgiv provides a full suite of fundraising solutions that integrate with industry-leading CRMs and email providers to provide a personalized giving experience for donors. Founded in 2007, they now serve more than 6,500 nonprofits in the US and Canada who have collectively raised over $3 billion using Qgiv’s platform. Qgiv is known for their free, award-winning customer service, customizable platform, and flexible pricing. Qgiv is committed to helping people fulfill their passion to make a difference for others by equipping fundraisers with tools and educational resources to advance their knowledge and move their missions forward. To learn more, visit www.qgiv.com.  

About Fundraising.AI: Created in 2020, Fundraising.AI is a fully independent collaborative that supports individuals and organizations in the nonprofit sector to understand and promote the development and responsible use of Artificial Intelligence. Fundraising.AI’s Framework Toward Responsible AI for Fundraising, establishes the first set of guidelines for individuals and organizations looking to responsibly integrate AI practices into their fundraising efforts. During the past year, a diverse group of more than 90 thought leaders and subject-matter experts contributed hundreds of hours to the creation of the Framework Toward Responsible AI for Fundraising. Through collaborative learning, research, and best practice sharing, Fundraising.AI aims to ensure that AI is utilized ethically and effectively to advance charitable missions.

Fundraising.AI’s mission is to empower those working within or for the fundraising profession with the knowledge, tools, and resources to adopt AI technologies responsibly and to promote a culture of privacy, security, data ethics, inclusiveness, accountability, and transparency within the charitable giving sector.

To learn more about Fundraising.AI, visit: www.fundraising.ai 



Fundraising IQ includes auction item recommendations.

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