Intent to Manufacture Graphene Deal Signed

Harcros Chemicals Signs Letter of Intent to Use Avadain’s Green Technology to Manufacture the “Miracle Material”

EADS, Tenn., Oct. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via IBN – Harcros Chemicals, Inc. has entered into a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Avadain, Inc. in the mutual aspiration for Harcros to become the first company to commercially manufacture Avadain’s signature graphene flakes. These graphene flakes can be used as an additive to make thousands of products better. Harcros has also made an investment in Avadain.

High quality graphene is the lightest, strongest and most electrically and thermally conductive material ever discovered. It is widely touted as a “miracle material” that can be added to improve a wide range of products in more than 24 industries. America’s No. 1 technology futurist and legendary stock picker George Gilder recently predicted that graphene will have an $11.5 trillion impact.

“We believe high quality graphene, as an additive material, can transform thousands of products and we want Harcros positioned to supply a large and rapidly growing market,” says Mark Hamilton, CEO of Harcros.

“There are many types of graphene materials,” adds Brad Walden, Harcros’ VP for business development. “Harcros wants to be in the forefront of supplying the market for large, thin and nearly defect free graphene flakes which can be used to make thousands of products better.”

Graphene was first isolated by two University of Manchester researchers in 2004. Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov won the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics for demonstrating the fantastic properties of this 2D form of hexagonal carbon derived from graphite. High quality graphene is 200 times stronger than steel and has 1 million times the current density of copper. It is harder than diamond but has 1/1000th the weight of paper. One gram of high-quality graphene can cover a soccer field.

“We are thrilled that Harcros has become our first manufacturing partner to help unleash the Graphene Revolution,” says Brad Larschan, Avadain’s CEO.

“Graphene can spark a new industrial revolution,” Larschan adds. “From making composites lighter and stronger to enabling electric vehicle batteries to charge in minutes instead of hours, graphene can revolutionize products. In a few short years, graphene is going to touch the lives of virtually every person, every day.”

More than 200 companies claim to manufacture graphene materials, but Avadain is the only company with a known technology to manufacture LTDF graphene flakes. This combination of properties uniquely gives graphene its incredible strength and nearly perfect electrical conductivity.

“There are a range of uses for graphene based on the quality of the material,” notes Walden. “Harcros wants to take a first mover position by supplying the market for high value, high tech applications which require LTDF graphene flakes.”

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Harcros is a worldwide manufacturer of innovative and sustainable chemicals headquartered in Kansas City, Kansas.

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Avadain is a graphene manufacturing technology licensing company headquartered in Shelby County, Tennessee. Avadain has the only known technology to manufacture large, thin and nearly defect free graphene flakes that can be used as an additive material in a wide range of applications.

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