KarmaCheck’s Eric Ly Addresses American Staffing Association Board of Directors

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- KarmaCheck, a first-of-its-kind company that uses data-driven technology to bring truth, speed, and efficiency to background checks, today announced that CEO Eric Ly had accepted an invitation from the ASA Board of Directors to present a key address and host one-on-one meetings on the subject of AI in hiring at their annual meeting ahead of Staffing World 2023. The event took place in Charlotte, North Carolina, on October 2nd.

"Artificial intelligence holds immense potential for the staffing industry, but understanding its true capabilities and implications is vital,” said Eric Ly, Co-Founder & CEO of KarmaCheck. “I very much enjoyed speaking to the ASA Board of Directors about AI, its impact on the staffing industry, and the challenges and opportunities it presents in the HR space.”

AI combines computer science and large datasets, to enable problem-solving and self-optimization. It also encompasses sub-fields of machine learning and deep learning. Over the years, artificial intelligence has gone through many cycles of hype, but even to skeptics, last year’s release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT seems to mark a turning point.

The growing popularity of AI technology like ChatGPT also means that fraudsters can concoct significant portions of a professional profile to include convincing candidate photos, realistic-sounding employment histories, education, skills and certifications in a matter of seconds, then with variations hundreds and thousands of times. Not only can entire fictitious identities invade the platform, real accounts can also be made to contain convincing exaggerations thanks to AI. However, AI also holds promise for the industry.

“Artificial intelligence (AI) can help deliver faster turnaround times and increased accuracy in background checks. A background check report is stitched together from thousands of potential sources, resulting in a lot of data that can be used to train AI models to improve performance,” Ly said. “For example, we can train an AI to interpret background check data results and quickly determine whether it is pass or fail in most cases or if a human needs to review the results.”

74% of employers have hired the wrong person, and 33% blame that on false qualifications claimed by an applicant during their interview process. In addition to the resumes, interview notes, skill tests, and data like salary expectations, background checks are critical to demonstrating careful and thorough consideration of the candidate’s recent and past performance.

“Considering the many applications and implications of AI, it’s time for the staffing industry to adopt some official guardrails for how the industry should deploy this powerful new technology,” Ly said. “We’re just at the beginning of these discussions, and the future looks to be very exciting if the industry works thoughtfully to prepare in advance.”

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