AGM Statement

Mothercare plc Annual General Meeting 23 October 2023: Results

Annual General Meeting

At the annual general meeting held at 11.00am on 23 October 2023, the resolutions before the meeting were passed.

The following proxy votes had been received by the Company in respect of the resolutions:

Resolutions 12 to 14 were Special Resolutions.

 ResolutionVotes For%Votes Against% 

Votes total
% ISCVotes withheld*
1To receive the annual accounts, directors’ report, strategic report, directors’ remuneration report and auditor’s report447,094,99610021,8100.00447,116,80679.3033,009
2To approve the directors’ remuneration report (including the directors’ remuneration policy)447,056,16499.9965,2290.01447,121,39379.3028,422
3To re-elect Clive Whiley as a director447,077,81799.9951,7770.01447,129,59479.3020,221
4To re-elect Andrew Cook as a director447,075,76699.9950,9640.01447,126,73079.3023,085
5To re-elect Gillian Kent as a director446,944,29199.96185,0840.04447,129,37579.3020,440
6To re-elect Mark Newton-Jones as a director439,152,30598.227,974,4251.78447,126,73079.3023,085
7To re-elect Brian Small as a director447,075,82299.9950,6190.01447,126,44179.3023,374
8To re-appoint auditors447,069,11899.9956,5430.01447,125,66179.3024,154
9Auditors remuneration447,088,58099.9940,6850.01447,129,26579.3020,550
10Authority for the directors to allot shares446,919,02899.95209,9480.05447,128,97679.3020,839
11To authorise political donations by the company and its subsidiaries438,181,84198.008,939,8632.00447,121,70479.3028,111
12Authority to disapply pre-emption rights446,917,31199.95210,7220.05447,128,03379.3021,782
13Authority to further disapply pre-emption rights 446,948,23599.96179,7560.04447,127,99179.3021,824
14Authority to purchase own shares447,096,34299.9933,6170.01447,129,95979.3019,856

* A vote withheld is not a vote in law and is not counted in the calculation of votes ‘for’ and ‘against’ each resolution

As at 20 October 2023, the Company’s issued share capital and total voting rights consisted of 563,836,626 ordinary shares each carrying voting rights. There are no shares in treasury. As a result, proxy votes representing approximately 79% of the voting capital were cast for the AGM.

The full text of the resolutions can be found in the Notice of Meeting on the Company’s website,

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