SHIB Partners with RSTLSS to Support UGC for Game-Ready Wearables

RSTLSS will leverage Shibarium blockchain’s technology and the Shiba Inu community to accelerate its brand-building tools and wearables inside and outside the virtual world

Los Angeles, CA, Oct. 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SHIB and its Shiba Inu Ecosystem, an interconnected family of digital assets and solutions built on the Ethereum and Shibarium blockchains, which includes popular global cryptocurrency Shiba Inu, today announced it has partnered with top UGC creator platform RSTLSS.

RSTLSS, the top creator platform for building next-gen wearables for Web3, gaming, social, and IRL, will begin incorporating the Shibarium blockchain to power its UGC platform. Although RSTLSS is currently interoperable with most open metaverse environments, this partnership will enable RSTLSS to utilize the full power of Shibarium’s robust blockchain as it expands its offerings, including production of physical clothing based on metaverse designs.

“We couldn’t imagine a more perfect partner for SHIB and the Shibarium blockchain,” said the Shiba Inu Lead Developer known as Shytoshi Kusama. “RSTLSS’ UGC tooling allows any creator, whether 2D or 3D, casual or professional, to easily build a brand and trade their own digital merchandise - wearables, accessories and more that can be loaded onto avatars, as well as cross-platform and cross-game engine.”

The RSTLSS platform allows users the ability to create NFT-backed clothing and accessories, decking out their avatar in the metaverse or any digital environment. RSTLSS has also partnered with some of the world’s biggest game developers including Ubisoft, Epic, and Roblox.

“Partnering with Shib as part of a wider digital network state truly embodies the ethos of Web3 and decentralization for us. It’s a future that can only come about through collaboration,” said RSTLSS founder Charli Cohen. “Across Web3, we need to avoid operating in silos as we have much more power to make change as a collective. RSTLSS’ UGC tech will play its part in the wider ecosystem by giving creators autonomy and equity, and I am very excited to see how that community and the Shibarium blockchain will help RSTLSS grow in the months and years to come.”

As part of the new partnership with RSTLSS, SHIB community members will also be able to take advantage of curated drops, with the first drop being RSTLSS’s current “‘MareBears” mint. ‘MareBears are interactive digital pets minted on RSTLSS, each with 13 different trait slots that allow for maximum customization and rarity hacking. The ‘MareBears are VRM avatar-ready and also live on your phone as a digital pet. Current collaborators include Paris Hilton, Ubisoft and Gremplin. As the first and only digital pet in the SHIB environment, ‘MareBears will have full interoperability with SHIB platforms.

RSTLSS assets can currently be minted as ERC-1155, with support soon coming for ERC-721 and ERC-6551, allowing for full composability of items. Each 3D or 2D component in RSTLSS is attributed to the original creator, with the final asset minted to a smart contract that shares the royalties between all creators involved.

Shibarium is a Layer 2 blockchain built on Ethereum that utilizes the community-first and environment-friendly consensus mechanism Proof of Stake (POS), supporting the other parts of the growing Shiba Inu Ecosystem, including the $SHIB and $LEASH tokens, SHIBOSHI NFTs, SHIB The Metaverse, the ShibaSwap DEX, the Shiba Eternity game, as well as supporting external partners such as RSTLSS.

Shibarium, a world-leading ecosystem of decentralized finance (DeFi) cryptocurrencies has gained popularity among millions of SHIB holders worldwide. It has 3.6 million Twitter followers and is frequently ranked as the second-most searched crypto project by Google. Its ecosystem of tokens include $SHIB, $LEASH, and $BONE, plus native SHIBOSHIs NFTs. utilizes the Shib Ecosystem to power quality technologies including SHIB:The Metaverse and Shibarium, the Layer 2 blockchain providing a solid foundation, scalability, security, and innovation for a decentralized world.

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RSTLSS, founded by digital fashion pioneer Charli Cohen, gives brands, influencers and artists the freedom and accessibility to create and sell multiverse fashion, through an engaging, gamified experience. RSTLSS grows crypto-native brands, and on-boards traditional IPs into the metaverse via curated NFT wearable drops. At RSTLSS, our mission is to give people a way to express identity freely and fluidly, everywhere.

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