Unveiling the Future of Drug Testing: Psychemedics Introduces Advanced 5-Panel Drug Screen

Psychemedics’ FDA-cleared alternative 5-panel drug screen replaces marijuana with fentanyl.

ACTON, Mass., Oct. 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In an era marked by relentless change and the pressing need to adapt, Psychemedics, a pioneer in the drug screening industry, proudly announces the launch of a revolutionary, Advanced 5-Panel Drug Screen. This groundbreaking offering will transform the way organizations safeguard their workplaces, shifting the spotlight from marijuana to the paramount threat of fentanyl. Complemented by the detection of cocaine, opioids, PCP, and amphetamines, the advanced panel is a leap forward in drug screening technology.

As we grapple with an ongoing labor shortage and with marijuana’s legal landscape evolving in 49 states, it’s clear that the time for a change has come. Traditional 5-panel drug tests, rooted in a four-decade-old paradigm, have failed to evolve in today’s drug market and are unable to detect the rising drug, fentanyl.

“Few challenges in the workplace have undergone as dramatic a transformation as the shifting dynamics between marijuana and fentanyl,” remarked Brian Hullinger, President and CEO at Psychemedics. “Recognizing this shift, Psychemedics has developed the Advanced 5-Panel to bridge the gap.”

For decades, Psychemedics has remained at the forefront of innovation, responding to the ever-evolving needs of our clients. The Advanced 5-Panel Drug Screen epitomizes this legacy, offering clients a cost-effective choice to adapt their testing protocols in sync with evolving priorities and employment policies. More importantly, it ensures that resources and dollars are invested in identifying the threats that matter most to organizations today.

The impact of this offering is not merely theoretical; it is supported by a recent independent study encompassing nearly 1 million drug tests. The findings demonstrate that hair testing outperforms traditional methods in detecting the most abused substances, such as opioids, cocaine, and amphetamines:

  • 25 times more effective at detecting opioids.
  • 23 times more accurate in identifying cocaine use.
  • 13 times more adept at pinpointing amphetamine use.

The Advanced 5-Panel Drug Screen is crafted to focus exclusively on these critical threats, ensuring the highest level of security for organizations.

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