Rev Powers Dramatic Expansion of Challenger Inc.'s Sales Pipeline with AI-Driven Innovation

‘A bullseye within a bullseye’ delivers 1,200 new accounts for global leader in sales training and consultation

San Diego, Nov. 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rev, the AI-powered Sales Development Platform (SDP) that helps B2B companies find their next best customers, today announced that Challenger Inc., a global leader in sales training and consultation, dramatically expanded its potential revenue opportunities using Rev’s platform, discovering 1,200 new accounts it didn’t even know existed and matching 28% more accounts in its pipeline with its ideal customer profile (ICP). The bonanza of potential sales underscores the power of the Rev platform, which helps customers uncover the best-fit accounts to target—even before they show intent.

"Since deploying Rev, we've been able to monitor our pipeline health in an entirely new way,” said Challenger COO Alli Manning. “Instead of hoping the accounts in our pipeline match our ICP, we now know exactly which accounts have the deep traits we care about most. That's changed the game entirely. Our pipeline is now growing exclusively with accounts that fit our ICP.”

Challenger, known for its industry-disrupting methodologies and the bestseller "The Challenger Sale," turned to Rev’s AI-powered SDP to analyze its top customers and produce an AI-generated customer profile (aiCP)—a living model of its ideal customer that learns and improves over time. From there, the platform uses the aiCP to find and rank companies that share those same traits so sales and marketing teams can target the best-fit accounts.

“Rev was able to provide 1,200 new accounts that we simply didn't see,” Manning said. “Not only is that 1,200 new companies that we can target—that we didn't know about prior to this and that we would have spent resources marketing to—they're also companies that are most likely to buy us. So it's a bullseye within a bullseye.”

“Rev’s artificial intelligence clearly defines a client’s ideal customer profile so they can stop guessing which prospects they should target next,” said Rev CEO Jonathan Spier. “With a company like Challenger that caters to multiple industries, it’s critical to ensure you’re focusing on the right accounts across all verticals. We are thrilled that Rev was able to provide Challenger with a clear roadmap of untapped markets and thousands of undiscovered, high-priority accounts to target.”


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