Honka log house to have the world’s first roof made of fossil-free steel

Honkarakenne Ltd
Press release
14 November 2023
9.00 am

Honka log house to have the world’s first roof made of fossil-free steel

Honkarakenne and Ruukki Construction, which is part of SSAB Group, are collaborating in a pilot project on the use of fossil-free steel in roofing products. The project serves as an example of collaboration between two companies committed to reducing the environmental burden, aiming to create carbon-neutral buildings and make the construction sector more sustainable.

The Honka log home being built in a beautiful, rural setting in Klaukkala, Finland, will be the world’s first building with a roof made of fossil-free steel. Honka’s new log-built detached house will be topped with a Ruukki Classic roof made of fossil-free steel, based on the HYBRIT technology, at Ruukki Construction’s plant in Vimpeli, Finland.

The climate-friendly steel roof will be a perfect match for the eco-friendly low-carbon Honka log home. Thanks to the carbon stored long-term in the wood, solid-wood logs have a small carbon footprint and large carbon handprint. “Log is a superior material for eco-friendly low-carbon construction. To maximise the quality and minimise the carbon footprint of Honka’s houses, we keep looking for equally climate-friendly products for our buildings. This way, we can strive to make our houses genuinely carbon neutral,” says Product Director Eino Hekali from Honkarakenne.

“Honkarakenne is our strategic partner and a wood-construction pioneer driven by sustainability. We collaborate with our customers in the long term to reduce the environmental burden of construction,” says Business Director Jorma Korhonen, who is responsible for Ruukki Construction’s Roofing business in Finland.

As part of the change in the construction industry, Honkarakenne is committed to promoting sustainable and low-carbon construction to combat climate change. Honka’s high-quality products are the result of over 60 years of development, and they are continuously being developed to be even more sustainable and durable.

“We want to collaborate with suppliers that manufacture durable, high-quality products and genuinely aim to promote sustainability. Ruukki Construction is a good example of a partner committed to long-term development,” concludes Hekali.

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