LaunchDarkly Collaborates with AWS to Generate Product Experiments Using Amazon Bedrock

OAKLAND, Calif., Nov. 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LaunchDarkly, a platform that helps engineering teams build products that customers love, today announced an early access preview of enhanced experimentation capabilities using generative artificial intelligence (AI), powered by Amazon Bedrock from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon Bedrock is a fully managed service that makes foundation models (FMs) from leading AI companies accessible via an API to build and scale generative AI applications.

Many engineering teams struggle to quickly test, gather accurate results, and iterate within the products they build. Unreliable experimentation practices are riddled with complex processes, and long testing cycles that keep product development disconnected from measuring value. Combining the capabilities of LaunchDarkly’s Product Experimentation platform with generative AI provides a customer-focused, scalable solution for answering these challenges.

Using Amazon Bedrock, LaunchDarkly is able to reduce setup complexity and enhance product experimentation by rapidly generating new experiment variations, speeding up test and iteration cycles—securely and responsibly. This new capability will accelerate the ability for teams to efficiently explore wider ranges of new ideas, leveraging training from historical experiment data to enable smarter decision-making. For engineering teams and product leaders, the outcome is better experimentation results, in less time.

LaunchDarkly is one of the first organizations to access and leverage the AWS Generative AI Innovation Center, and is using the specialized guidance from the program to help inform LaunchDarkly’s latest advancement with generative AI. Empowered to, and empowering customers to, take responsible experimentation to the next level, LaunchDarkly is enabling teams to harness the power of AI to elevate their experimentation game and take their products to new heights.

“Until now it has not been possible to precisely test at such an efficient speed to make sure that every software feature is the exact fit for its audience, but now developers can achieve this by using the power of generative AI as experimentation rocket fuel alongside LaunchDarkly,” said Dan Rogers, CEO, LaunchDarkly. “Now, instead of manually testing a small, limited number of options, software teams can instantly expand their testing surface automatically through new variations, to get the absolute best possible outcome for their end users.”

Customers that use LaunchDarkly Product Experimentation can leverage the power of Amazon Bedrock to:

  • Generate more ideas without adding complexity: Establish a wider range of testable variants and new solutions, improving product development.
  • Accelerate the time between ideation and maximizing business value: Expanded experiment variations allow engineering and product teams to find the optimal product configurations, for every audience, faster.
  • Evolve data-driven decision-making: Fuel future testing using historical data from experiments, and continuously optimize, adapt, and fine-tune your products.

"The ability to adapt, optimize, and measure the impact of our software releases, and ultimately deliver software that our customers love, are two of the biggest reasons why ZenBusiness chose LaunchDarkly's experimentation offering," said Harrison Reid, Senior Director of Engineering at ZenBusiness. “LaunchDarkly's relationship with AWS around generative AI-powered experimentation significantly amplifies our testing capabilities and accelerates our ability to discover and ship the most valuable features, faster."

For more information about LaunchDarkly and its product experimentation with generative AI, please visit: You can also visit LaunchDarkly’s AWS re:Invent 2023 booth (#784) from November 27-November 30 to learn more.

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