Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier and Titan.ium Partner to Deliver 5G Connectivity Across Continents

Titan.ium technology delivers reliability, security for roaming between networks

BONN, Germany and LOWELL, Mass., Nov. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier and Titan.ium today announced that its 5G and cloud native platform has been commercially deployed to support Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier’s innovative 5G roaming environment. This enables new telco service offerings interconnecting continents while ensuring faster and more reliable 5G Standalone (SA) roaming services for customers around the globe.

The deployment follows a comprehensive technical trial program of the network connectivity based on 3GPP’s Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP) that ensures end-to-end confidentiality for all 5G interconnect roaming messages between the originating and destination networks. Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier has carried out a number of proof-of-concept initiatives in the transformation to 5G – including both the hosted SEPP and outsourced SEPP business models – with its operator partners , T-Mobile US, Sunrise and AIS Thailand.

By integrating with Kubernetes, the Titan.ium cloud-native platform enables automated deployments, auto-scaling, self-healing, rolling updates and canary roll-outs. Titan.ium’s advanced signaling, routing and security features including access control, encryption, threat mitigation, and interoperability help Deutsche Telekom deliver highly-efficient operations and quality of experience to its customers.

Titan.ium and Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier have a long-standing partnership having worked closely to deploy a range of 2G-4G solutions that ensure the highest quality networks around signaling, routing and security.

“The Titan.ium platform proved to be the optimal choice for Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier as we enter the new era of 5G,” said Nicholas Nikrouyan, vice president of voice & mobile solutions, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier. “It gave us the flexibility to launch all our necessary services to lead the way in the industry’s transition to 5G while still guaranteeing scalable solutions to address the demands of our customers. We therefore highly value Titan.ium’s support – both in its technology and willingness to adapt to our evolving operator partner needs.”

“Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier has always pushed the envelope working with its operator partners to bring the very latest technologies, such as 5G, to market,” said Kurt Daniel, CEO, Titan.ium. “As a leader in core networking technologies like signaling, routing, and security who is actively involved in the GSMA industry group, it’s gratifying to take our leading-edge technologies from the lab and deploy them with partners like Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier.”

As the industry moves toward international adoption of 5G SA services, both Titan.ium and Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier participate in the GSMA standardization initiative around 5G SA roaming. Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier has also adopted a security-by-design approach when it comes to roaming, which allows its customers to outsource investment and operation of 5G SA roaming whereby it operates and/or maintains the required Security Edge Proxy Protocol (SEPP) as part of its Hosted SEPP and Outsourced SEPP solution suites. In addition, it enables composite scenarios which allow operators to choose how to connect roaming partners efficiently.

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