Revolutionizing Cyber Week: Polysleep Transforms Shopping into a Celebration Extravaganza with a 24-hour Live Stream

MONTREAL, Nov. 29, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On November 24th, we witnessed an exciting convergence of shopping and entertainment as we welcomed everyone to the live Polysleep Fest amid their Black Friday spree on all our social media platforms!

At Polysleep, we departed from the conventional FOMO tactics, embarking on a mission to transform Black Friday into more than just a shopping day – we turned it into a celebration with the launch of our immersive Polysleep Festival.


The Polysleep marketing team animated the yoga segment during the first hour of the 24-hour live stream on all social media platforms.


At Polysleep, we prepared a 24-hour extravaganza with live, thrilling content across all our social platforms.

Customers enjoyed the festivities, as each passing hour presented a new opportunity to snag fantastic giveaways, making this Black Friday a celebration to remember with our fantastic community!

Participants engaged in a variety of activities - games, challenges, fitness fun, karaoke, a special gala, and more.

Hourly giveaways elevated the excitement, providing everyone with a chance to connect and have a blast with the Polysleep Team!


Our Polysleep Fest animators and marketing team, Janeath Navaratnam and Miska Huynh, took the spotlight during the Polysleep Gala segment, where we announced our giveaways live for 24 hours on all social media platforms.

As part of our commitment to community engagement, Polysleep's CEO and Co-Founder, Jeremiah Curvers, shared, "The Polysleep Festival was a unique opportunity for us to connect with our customers in a more dynamic way. We're thrilled about the positive response and look forward to more innovative events in the future."

About Polysleep:

Polysleep stands at the forefront of innovative sleep products. Committed to quality and comfort, Polysleep offers top-notch sleep solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of its savvy customers.

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