Our Next Energy’s Dual Chemistry Gemini Battery Powers BMW iX 608 Miles on a Single Charge

NOVI, Michigan, Nov. 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Our Next Energy Inc. (ONE), a Michigan-based energy storage technology company, today announced its Gemini dual-chemistry battery achieved 608.1 miles of range in a BMW iX on a single charge. The milestone was achieved using a WLTP test cycle, the European standard for determining the range of fully electric vehicles. 

“Electric vehicles will achieve mass adoption when they offer enough range that people will feel comfortable having an EV as their only vehicle,” said Mujeeb Ijaz, CEO & founder of ONE. “The Gemini battery has proven it can double the range of EVs and break down the biggest barrier to electrification.”  

Gemini’s dual-chemistry architecture contains two different cell types using different battery chemistries. A lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cell powers the motor and meets the demands of 99 percent of daily trips with a range of 150 miles. For longer road trips, the Gemini uses a high energy density anode-free cell to charge the LFP cell after 150 miles. The anode-free cell provides an additional 450 miles of range by transferring power through ONE’s proprietary high efficiency DC-to-DC converter. Coupled by the DC-to-DC converter, the two cells work together to offer more than 600 miles on a single charge. Gemini is the longest-range EV battery pack that fits in the typical 300-400 liter space available in a vehicle for energy storage.   

In addition to extended range, ONE’s Gemini technology reduces lithium use by up to 20%, graphite by 60% and minimizes the use of nickel and cobalt. In doing so, ONE is creating a more sustainable energy storage technology that can significantly reduce environmental impact and cost. 

“The 600+ miles achieved by the BMW iX equipped with Gemini is an impressive demonstration,” said Jürgen Hildinger, BMW Group New Technologies Head of High Voltage Storage. “We enjoy working with the team at ONE and look forward to take the next steps together.” 

Last year, ONE signed an agreement with BMW Group to incorporate the Gemini battery technology into the BMW iX all-electric Sports Activity Vehicle. BMW i Ventures, the Silicon Valley-based venture capital arm of the automaker, is also an investor in ONE. 

Now that ONE has successfully demonstrated the Gemini technology, the company will focus on further refinements to the system to prepare for commercialization.  These include improving the efficiency of the DC-to-DC converter, developing enhanced control algorithms to optimize usage of the range extender cells and conducting further battery validation and cell development.  

All these steps are intended to further improve range and to prepare for the development of an A-sample for a full production program.  

About Our Next Energy 
Our Next Energy, Inc. (ONE) is a Michigan-based energy storage technology company focused on engineering batteries that will accelerate electrification in vehicles, renewables and the grid. ONE’s vision is to double the range of electric vehicles, use safer, more sustainable raw materials, and establish a localized supply chain. Visit one.ai to learn more. 


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