Bitwave Joins NEAR Horizon as a Service Partner

Paving the Way for Enhanced Financial Compliance and Growth Opportunities for Startups

San Francisco, Dec. 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bitwave, the leading enterprise financial platform for digital assets, proudly announces its selection as a Service Partner for NEAR Horizon, a groundbreaking marketplace connecting founders and resources within the NEAR ecosystem. This strategic partnership signifies Bitwave's commitment to empowering early-stage startups with unparalleled financial compliance solutions and fostering their growth potential.

As an integral part of NEAR Horizon's network, Bitwave brings cutting-edge capabilities to support startups in navigating the complex landscape of tax and accounting regulations. Many startups grapple with manual financial tracking, tax complexities, and future audit readiness. Bitwave offers a lifeline by automating accounting workflows and ensuring regulatory compliance, thereby enabling startups to focus on innovation while staying audit-ready at all times.

"Bitwave's addition as an official Service Partner on NEAR Horizon is a testament to our dedication to simplifying the digital asset ecosystem for startups," said Bitwave CEO and Co-Founder Pat White.

"We understand the challenges faced by early-stage ventures in managing financial complexities. With Bitwave, startups, regardless of their size, gain access to industry-leading tax and accounting compliance software that saves invaluable time through automated workflows and intelligent transaction categorizations,” said White.

Bitwave’s inclusion in NEAR Horizon goes beyond software solutions alone. The partnership allows Bitwave to provide startups with critical insights and continued professional education through BitwaveU. This strategic advantage equips startups with the knowledge and tools needed to scale efficiently in the rapidly evolving digital asset landscape.

"We’re thrilled to welcome Bitwave to NEAR Horizon,” said NEAR Foundation General Manager Laura Cunningham.

“Bitwave empowers startups with not only sophisticated financial tools but also the expertise to navigate the intricate world of scaling and fundraising in a fully compliant, audit-ready way,” said Cunningham.

This exciting partnership is yet another strategic collaboration between Bitwave and the NEAR ecosystem. Earlier this year, Bitwave announced its completion of a direct integration with the NEAR blockchain, enabling projects to quickly and confidently track, manage, and account for their entire on-chain financial activity. The secure, scalable, and eco-friendly Layer 1 network completes more than 1M transactions daily, with an average block time of 1.2 seconds and an average fee of $0.0001. Together with Bitwave, developers can confidently leverage the NEAR blockchain to build open web apps in a fully compliant, audit-ready manner.

This collaboration underscores Bitwave’s continued commitment to driving Web3 innovation and facilitating the success of startups building on the NEAR ecosystem.

About NEAR Foundation

NEAR Foundation is a non-profit that supports the growth and development of the NEAR ecosystem and the Blockchain Operating System (BOS), a full stack Web3 development and app distribution platform at the heart of an open web. The BOS is compatible with all blockchains, making it the entry point to the open web for users and developers alike. Founded on the principles of openness and sustainability, the NEAR Foundation is driven by the vision of putting information and technology in the service of humanity rather than political or corporate interests.

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