Reverse Osmosis Membrane Market to Reach USD 9.23 Billion by 2032; Ongoing Advancements in Membrane Materials & Design to Propel Growth

The global Reverse Osmosis Membrane market is anticipated to grow from USD 3.48 billion to USD 9.23 billion in 10 years. The growing need for clean drinking water and the rising demand for physical water treatment processes is anticipated to drive the market's demand over the forecast period. Simultaneously, concerns about water conservation in the industrial sector are expected to create future opportunities for the reverse osmosis membrane market as industries are increasingly turning to reverse osmosis water in their utilities to achieve reduced water consumption and enhanced recyclability. Additionally, the increasing initiatives by major players in the global reverse osmosis membrane market are expected to present attractive growth prospects.

Newark, Dec. 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Brainy Insights estimates that the USD 3.48 billion in 2022 global Reverse Osmosis Membrane market will reach USD 9.23 billion by 2032. Opportunities arise for developing smart reverse osmosis systems that leverage real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and data-driven optimization. This integration enhances operational efficiency, reduces downtime, and provides valuable insights for system performance improvement. Furthermore, seawater desalination, facilitated by reverse osmosis membranes, presents significant opportunities. Technological advancements and cost reduction in desalination processes can make reverse osmosis a more competitive and viable solution for addressing water scarcity in coastal areas. The residential sector also presents untapped opportunities for the reverse osmosis membrane market. As consumers become more conscious of water quality, there is potential for adopting reverse osmosis systems for home water treatment, providing safe drinking water at the point of use. In addition, opportunities exist to develop energy-efficient reverse osmosis membranes that reduce the overall operational costs of water treatment systems. Improved energy recovery devices and membrane materials innovations can enhance energy efficiency. Additionally, opportunities arise for developing compact and modular reverse osmosis systems suitable for decentralized water treatment applications. This factor includes small-scale systems for rural communities, disaster-stricken areas, or remote industrial facilities.

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Report CoverageDetails
Forecast Period2023–2032
Base Year2022
Market Size in 2022$ 3.48 billion
Market Size in 2032$ 9.23 billion
No. of Pages in Report230+
Segments coveredMaterial Type, Filter Module, Application
DriversIncreasing Water Scarcity
OpportunitiesAdvancements in Membrane Technology
RestraintsEnergy-Intensive Process

Key Insight of the global Reverse Osmosis Membrane market

Asia Pacific is expected to witness the highest market growth over the forecast period.

The expanding middle-class population in Asia is associated with increased consumption patterns, including a higher demand for clean and safe water. Reverse osmosis membranes cater to the need for reliable water purification solutions in households, contributing to the overall market growth. Furthermore, the rising awareness among consumers and industries about the importance of water quality and the potential health risks associated with contaminated water contributes to the demand for advanced water purification technologies. Reverse osmosis membranes, known for their effectiveness in producing high-quality water, are expected to witness increased adoption. The Asia Pacific region has also witnessed continuous reverse osmosis membrane technology advancements. Research and development activities focused on improving membrane efficiency, durability, and cost-effectiveness contribute to the region's capability to deploy state-of-the-art water treatment solutions. In addition, the tightening of environmental regulations related to water quality and wastewater discharge in countries across the Asia Pacific is driving the adoption of advanced water treatment solutions. With their ability to effectively remove contaminants, reverse osmosis membranes align with these regulations, fostering widespread implementation. Also, the ongoing infrastructure development projects, particularly in emerging economies, create opportunities to deploy advanced water treatment technologies. The construction of new residential and commercial complexes and expanding industrial facilities boost the demand for reverse osmosis membranes in water treatment applications.

In 2022, the thin film composite membranes segment held the largest market share at 67.19% and a market revenue of 2.33 billion.

The material type segment is divided into cellulose-based membranes and thin film composite membranes. In 2022, the thin film composite membranes segment held the largest market share at 67.19% and a market revenue of 2.33 billion.

In 2022, the spiral-wound membranes segment dominated the market with the largest share of 40.25% and revenue of 1.40 billion.

The filter module segment includes hollow-fiber membranes, plate and frame (PF), spiral-wound membranes and tubular-shaped membranes. In 2022, the spiral-wound membranes segment dominated the market with the largest share of 40.25% and revenue of 1.40 billion.

In 2022, the wastewater treatment & reuse segment dominated the market with the largest share of 30.82% and revenue of 1.07 billion.

The application segment is classified into desalination, process water, utility water treatment, wastewater treatment & reuse, and others. In 2022, the wastewater treatment & reuse segment dominated the market with the largest share of 30.82% and revenue of 1.07 billion.

In 2022, the water and wastewater treatment segment dominated the market with the largest share of 68.13% and revenue of 2.40 billion.

The end-use industry segment is split into industrial processing and water and wastewater treatment. In 2022, the water and wastewater treatment segment dominated the market with the largest share of 68.13% and revenue of 2.40 billion.

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Advancement in market

In November 2023: LG Water Solutions, well-known for its NanoH2O RO (Reverse Osmosis) membranes, which leverage the innovative thin-film nanocomposite (TFN) technology, has successfully enhanced the operational efficiency of the reverse osmosis systems at Minera Escondida, the world's largest copper mine located in Chile. This improvement is achieved by reducing energy consumption during the seawater desalination process at the mine. Minera Escondida faced performance issues when employing reverse osmosis membranes from a different manufacturer. Consequently, BHP Billiton, the plant owner, granted LG Water Solutions the opportunity to replace one of its seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) trains with LG NanoH2O reverse osmosis membranes toward the end of 2021. The LG NanoH2O TFN reverse osmosis membranes exhibited superior performance, allowing the facility to operate at lower feed pressures, reducing energy usage and operational expenses. The favourable outcome resulted in a subsequent order for replacements.

In November 2022: Saudi-Abunayyan Holding and Japan's Toray Industries have unveiled a collaborative effort to establish Saudi Arabia's inaugural reverse osmosis (RO) membrane plant. With an anticipated annual capacity of 254,000 membranes, the RO membrane plant is scheduled to start operations in 2025.

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Market Dynamics

Driver: Global urbanization trends.

The nexus between rapid urbanization and the escalating demand for clean water has propelled the adoption of reverse osmosis membranes. These membranes are pivotal in mitigating the challenges of burgeoning urban populations, ensuring a resilient and efficient water purification infrastructure for residential and commercial applications. As urban landscapes continue to evolve, the importance of reverse osmosis technology in safeguarding water resources and public health is poised to grow even further.

Restraint: Environmental concerns.

The production and disposal of reverse osmosis membranes, primarily composed of synthetic materials, raise environmental concerns and pose challenges in waste management and sustainability. Disposing of used membranes, in particular, requires careful attention to prevent adverse environmental impacts. Ongoing efforts to develop more eco-friendly membrane materials demonstrate a commitment to addressing these challenges. However, the industry continues to grapple with the complexities of balancing environmental considerations with the performance and cost-effectiveness of reverse osmosis membranes.

Opportunity: Rural and off-grid water solutions.

In rural and off-grid areas where access to clean water is a challenge, reverse osmosis systems powered by renewable energy sources offer promising opportunities. These solutions provide decentralized, sustainable, and community-centric water treatment options, bringing the vital resource of clean water to the doorstep of remote communities and contributing to improved public health and well-being.

Challenge: Competition from alternative technologies.

The reverse osmosis membrane market faces competition from alternative water purification technologies, such as nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, and advanced oxidation processes. Depending on the specific water treatment requirements, these alternatives may offer more cost-effective or energy-efficient solutions, impacting the market share of reverse osmosis.

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Some of the major players operating in the global Reverse Osmosis Membrane market are:

• Alfa Laval
• Axeon Water Technologies
• BNKO Environmental Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
• Dupont
• Freudenberg SE
• Hydramem
• Hydranautics (A Nitto Denko Group Company)
• Keensen
• Koch Separation Solutions
• LG Chem
• Lenntech
• MANN+HUMMEL Water & Fluid Solutions
• Pall Water
• Parker Hannifin Corporation
• Permionics Membranes Private Limited
• Samco Technologies, Inc.
• SUEZ Group
• Synder Filtration, Inc.
• The Chemours Company
• Toray Industries, Inc.
• Toyobo Co., Ltd.
• Vontron Membrane Technology Co., Ltd.

Key Segments cover in the market:

By Material Type

• Cellulose-Based Membranes
• Thin Film Composite Membranes

By Filter Module

• Hollow-Fiber Membranes
• Plate and Frame (PF)
• Spiral-Wound Membranes
• Tubular-Shaped Membranes

By Application

• Desalination
• Process Water
• Utility Water Treatment
• Wastewater Treatment & Reuse
• Others

By End-Use Industry

• Industrial Processing
• Water and Wastewater Treatment

By Region

• North America (U.S., Canada, Mexico)
• Europe (Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Spain, Rest of Europe)
• Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, India, Rest of APAC)
• South America (Brazil and the Rest of South America)
• The Middle East and Africa (UAE, South Africa, Rest of MEA)

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