Dubai Gallery to Showcase Banksy and Warhol for Tokenization Platform

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Dec. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --, a cutting-edge fine art tokenization platform, is collaborating with Monada Art Gallery in Dubai – a step in their ongoing efforts to integrate art and blockchain technology. The gallery is currently preparing for its opening, which will showcase a range of artworks from globally recognized artists such as Banksy and Warhol. operates as a platform that facilitates the tokenization of artwork, utilizing blockchain technology for this purpose. It aims to make renowned artworks more accessible by converting physical art into a collection of digital tokens. This process involves a unique legal structure and DeFi protocol to ensure that each digital token confirms legal co-ownership of the physical artwork.

The platform is designed to be user-friendly: the process is straightforward and includes only a few steps of connecting the wallet on the’s website, choosing the desired artwork, and determining the number of pieces to obtain.

Users can effortlessly select and purchase pieces from a range of renowned artists, with the added ability to see their collection evolve as the platform expands its offerings., led by Alina Krot, whose expertise combines traditional banking with an in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrency, has already successfully completed the pre-sale of Banksy's 'Turf War'. Currently, 'Turf War', along with Warhol's 'Campbell's Soup', and pieces from Picasso and Dali, all of which are part of the platform’s present collection, are already housed in the Monada Art Gallery in Dubai, soon opening for public viewing.

The Monada Art Gallery in DIFC in partnership with serves as the physical showcase for the artworks featured on the platform. The gallery is ready to open its doors to the public, offering a unique opportunity to view the physical counterparts of the paintings tokenized on Curated by an art expert, Tehani Zeramdini, the gallery ensures the conditions for displaying masterpieces previously hidden in private collections.

Looking forward, is set to expand its impact beyond the current collection. The platform is actively planning to collaborate with more gallery spaces globally, furthering its mission to democratize access to world-class art. This expansion aligns with’s vision of making masterpieces available to a broader audience, thus enriching the global art landscape.

About is a revolutionary ecosystem at the intersection of DeFi and art. Seamlessly bridging classical art with the digital age, while catering to a global audience of business professionals, enthusiasts, art collectors, and Web3 experts, 10101 offers unparalleled opportunities. 10101 provides the secured ownership of timeless artworks from various countries and centuries. Anchored by blockchain technology, is on a mission to fragment art ownership, ensuring accessibility and security for all stakeholders.

About Monada Art

Monada Art Gallery is on a mission to redefine the art world. In a time when traditional art markets face challenges, Monada Art Gallery is building a bridge between institutional art and the modern world. With a diverse collection spanning European, American, Arabic, and Chinese artworks, the gallery is not only reimagining how art is experienced but also expanding its global presence. Born from the innovative concept of 'Pure Art Gallery' in 2021, Monada Art Gallery is making fine art more accessible, while Dubai's ultra-modern landscape provides the perfect backdrop for this cultural endeavor.


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