Bichsel Medical Marketing Group (BMMG) Names Lauren Dustman to Succeed Lisa Bichsel as CEO

Billings, Montana, Jan. 02, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bichsel Medical Marketing Group (BMMG) announced today the appointment of Lauren Dustman, General Manager, to the role of Chief Executive Officer, replacing founder Lisa Bichsel. Dustman, who is also a partial owner of BMMG, has held various roles within the company since its inception in 2014.

Bichsel, a medical marketing veteran with over 40 years of experience, will remain with the firm as Founding Partner, continuing to serve select clients in a strategic role and act as an advisor to the BMMG leadership team.

“Part of my career included nearly a decade at GE Healthcare. It was engrained in us the importance of succession planning for a seamless transition. Lauren has been groomed for taking over the company for the past 3 years, knowing that I would eventually step down,” remarks Bichsel. “Retirement is being discussed, but that’s still a few years down the road for me.”

When asked about changes to BMMG in her new leadership role, Dustman states, “There are no plans for radical change at BMMG, but we will remain adaptive to market needs and continue to provide excellent strategic direction and tactical execution for our medical device and biotech clients. Much of medical marketing is tried and true, but we will embrace new and unfolding communications channels and sales methods in order to achieve success for our clients.”

BMMG grew in prominence as a boutique marketing firm focused on helping bring healthcare innovations to market. The company has received numerous awards and recognition for its growth and service excellence.

“Lisa’s vision when launching BMMG was to serve early-stage technology companies as both a fractional commercial leader but also a fully staffed medical marketing department at the ready,” explains Dustman. The BMMG team has held leadership positions in sales and marketing, so they understand firsthand the unique challenges clients face – from clinical trials and financing strategies to regulatory approvals and worldwide commercialization.

"We're able to provide specific services – such as product management, market access strategies, launch planning, or digital app development – but we also serve as the entire marketing and PR department for our clients," said Bichsel. "Depending on whether a client has just started their journey or is a fully commercialized organization, we have the ability to meet them where they are and support their quest for growth."

About Bichsel Medical Marketing Group
Bichsel Medical Marketing Group (BMMG) is a company dedicated to helping medical device and biotech companies commercialize their innovations. Using its prior sales, marketing and management experience, the BMMG commercial team is in a unique position to think like an end-user. BMMG staff uses these skills to approach client offerings creatively to develop interesting, engaging solutions that resonate with their field sales organizations, clinicians, patients and communities.

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Bichsel Medical Marketing Group (BMMG) Names Lauren Dustman to Succeed Lisa Bichsel as CEO

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