FINTYH Revolutionizes Finance with the Launch of FintyHub Token and Pioneering Integration of Digital Banking and Decentralized Platform

FINTYH, a leading Brazilian fintech company strategically located in São Paulo's financial epicenter on Avenida Paulista, is redefining financial landscapes with innovative products that seamlessly blend centralized and decentralized finance.

São Paulo, Brazil, Jan. 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

With an operational Digital Bank and the FintyHub crypto service platform, FINTYH is set to embark on a new chapter with the highly anticipated FintyHub Token, currently in its pre-sale phase on PinkSale.

The FintyHub Token takes center stage in this groundbreaking ecosystem, marking FINTYH's commitment to fostering investor engagement and building a robust community. By reinvesting a portion of FintyHub platform profits into the liquidity of the FintyHub Token, FINTYH aims to cultivate a community whose token growth is not solely dependent on market speculation but is deeply rooted in active participation and shared platform successes. The ongoing pre-sale on PinkSale invites interested parties to become integral contributors from the outset, underscoring FINTYH's dedication to inclusivity and community involvement.

The FintyHub Platform, boasting a diverse array of services, is a concerted effort to simplify and democratize access to the crypto world. From token creation to seamless Crypto/Cash transactions via PIX, FINTYH strives to offer a user-friendly and secure experience, irrespective of the user's familiarity with blockchain technology. This extensive service portfolio mirrors FINTYH's vision to expand opportunities for both developers and investors alike.

The FINTYH ecosystem achieves unparalleled distinction with the simultaneous presence of the FintyHub Platform and YODA BANK, a digital bank. This unique integration creates a comprehensive financial environment, providing users with the chance to explore and leverage integrated financial services. The seamless synergy between these two platforms within a shared ecosystem reinforces FINTYH's unwavering commitment to integration and innovation.

Through proactive engagement of stakeholders via the FintyHub Token, FINTYH not only aims to build a thriving community of investors but also reaffirms its dedication to a financial vision that seamlessly integrates the best of both worlds - centralized and decentralized. The PinkSale pre-sale opportunity beckons investors to become pivotal contributors to this visionary journey right from its inception.



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