Micro Medical Devices Technology Expands Care Access at Mozambique Eye Hospital

Calabasas, Jan. 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Calabasas, California -

Calabasas-based Micro Medical Devices (MMD), a pioneer in portable ophthalmic technology, has played a crucial role in the recent opening of the Boa Visão Eye Hospital in Mozambique. MMD’s A-scan portable ocular ultrasound biometry device has been invaluable for the newly established hospital, providing critical support in eye care diagnostics and treatment.

The A-scan device by MMD offers unparalleled accuracy in measuring the eye’s axial length, a critical metric for planning eye surgeries and managing severe myopia. With a sampling speed of 264 MHz and convenient disposable immersion tips, the A-scan is a part of MMD’s ophthalmic biometry line. This tool's portability and efficiency have allowed Boa Visão Eye Hospital to offer cutting-edge eye care to patients in a region with previously limited access to such technology.

The image shows a medical scene in a clean, well-lit room in Boa Visão Eye Hospital. A female healthcare worker is performing an eye examination on a male patient who is reclining in a medical chair. In the foreground, there

Dr. Thomas Tayeri, a California-based ophthalmologist and co-founder of the Fiat Lux Foundation that built the hospital, expressed his gratitude to MMD in a heartfelt email. He stated, " We used it [A-Scan] over a hundred times, and it performed really well. I trained the staff and they were able to pick it up in 15 minutes." According to Dr. Tayeri, the ease of training the local staff on the device was exemplary. Dr. Tayeri noted that he had not realized the hospital had not ordered an A-Scan and thanks to the portability of MMD’s A-Scan, he took one from his office in the bay area right before traveling to the hospital’s grand opening.

Boa Visão Eye Hospital, now equipped with MMD’s technology, is set to be a beacon of hope for eye care in Mozambique. Centrally located in the city of Mocuba, it is strategically positioned to serve a significant patient base from Mozambique, Malawi, and Zimbabwe. To a region with roughly 1 ophthalmologist per one million inhabitants, the hospital is expected to bring a substantial transformation in the quality of health and eye care available.

The new hospital features an outpatient clinic, two modern operating rooms, an inpatient ward, an optical shop, a pharmacy, and offers phacoemulsification—a modern cataract surgery technique promising quicker recovery times. This comprehensive care is now bolstered by MMD's A-scan device, ensuring the highest standards of diagnostic and treatment capabilities for this patient population.

MMD’s commitment to advancing eye care extends beyond the A-scan — the company pioneered the Virtual Reality Visual Field Analyzer. Their flagship device, the VF2000, has revolutionized the way eye doctors conduct visual field analysis. Since its first-to-market introduction in 2018, the VF2000 has become an indispensable tool for practices looking to enhance their testing capabilities without compromising exam quality or clinical efficiency, not to mention accessibility.

The VF2000’s current models, the G2 and NEO, allow for comprehensive analysis without the need for dedicated practice space and can even be operated without an internet connection. These latest models go beyond VR visual field testing to offer modules for visual acuity, stereopsis, color testing, contrast sensitivity, strabismus testing, and much more. With industry-leading portability and ease of use, the VF2000 line of VR visual field headsets exemplifies MMD's vision of integrating state-of-the-art technology into everyday practice.

The success story of the Boa Visão Eye Hospital and the A-scan’s critical role there is a testament to MMD’s impact on global eye health. MMD’s technology continues to break barriers, allowing healthcare professionals worldwide to deliver exemplary care.

About Micro Medical Devices: Since their inception over two decades ago, Micro Medical Devices has been dedicated to developing technology that is user-friendly, portable, and efficient while minimizing the need for dedicated practice space and advanced training to operate. This continued commitment has allowed MMD to provide eye doctors with the latest in cutting-edge technological innovations to provide the best care to their patients. To learn more about the products that Micro Medical Devices offers, please visit Micro Medical Devices.


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