Check Point Software Unveils New Partner Program to Maximize Partners’ Potential and Drive Growth

New program streamlines tiering structure, with transparent pricing, cumulative discounts, and elevated deal registration incentives for valued partners

BANGKOK, Thailand, Jan. 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP), a leading AI-powered, cloud-delivered cyber security platform provider, today announced the launch of its innovative new Partner Program. Amidst an ever-evolving cyber security landscape, this program aims to strengthen partner capabilities and fuel growth.

The cyber security sector is experiencing rapid growth and transformation. According to Canalys, cyber security spending hit $19 billion recently, reflecting the increasing need for collaborative security solutions. As technology evolves, so too do cyber threats, prompting an increased need for a unified cyber security platform that provides protection from edge to network to cloud and beyond. Organizations worldwide are increasingly turning to the channel for guidance not only on their cyber security solutions, but also for regulations and building cyber resilience. Channel partners are well positioned to effectively communicate the value of cyber security solutions, while addressing specific needs and concerns regarding existing and future threats.

With a partner dedicated business model, Check Point's new Partner Program strengthens the company's commitment to partners while maximizing opportunities for joint growth. It is tailored to enhance partner performance and satisfaction. It focuses on boosting deal closure rates, which drives business growth, and streamlines quoting processes for quicker customer response. The program strengthens Check Point's partnership engagement and encourages partners to develop specialized expertise, adding more value to their services. It also provides easier access to essential tools and resources, improving operational efficiency for partners.

“For over 30 years, Check Point has blazed the path for innovation in cyber security. In light of the current climate and increasing rate of cyber threats, we are launching a new, partner program to help our partners accelerate their efforts in providing the best cyber security,” said Francisco Criado, Check Point’s VP of Global Partner Ecosystem Organization. “We are excited to continue this journey with our partners, providing them with the best tools, resources, and support they need to thrive in our dynamic industry.”

The enhanced Partner Program is strategically aligned with Check Point’s comprehensive platform, focusing on its end-to-end AI-powered, cloud-delivered security. This program enables partners to effectively cross-sell and up-sell advanced security solutions from Check Point’s comprehensive portfolio, covering a broad spectrum of attack surfaces, addressing needs in SASE, email security, cloud environments, SD-WAN, and mobile security. The program's upgrades are geared toward leveraging these cutting-edge technologies, ensuring partners are equipped to meet diverse cyber security challenges. It features a range of enhancements including:

  • Simplification and tier progression: new, consolidated tiering model to help increase participation across all levels. Partners are now given an Advanced, Professional, Premier and Elite status depending on size of business opportunity.
  • New pricing Model: customer-focused pricing framework that is not only predictable and market-aligned, but also features the most significant discount structure ever offered by Check Point. Deal registrations have been increased by 100%, with a new incumbent partner program that delivers deal protection on renewals
  • Free Certification: free certifications to meet partner-level compliance. Introducing customized tracks based on how the partner goes to market
  • Specialization: additional training & certification to unlock additional benefits associated with specialization that can lead to additional 20% discount
  • App relaunch: new and improved app, which has increased usage fivefold. New use cases provide access to training and enablement, subject matter experts and instantaneous deal registrations

Here’s what our valued partners say about our newly launched Program:

  • “Check Point has completely transformed its Partner Program, signaling a significant shift in approach. It offers transparent pricing and lucrative incentives, which provide our business with a clear roadmap to increased profitability. The structure of the program enables us to develop stronger competencies and deliver more value to our customers,” said Kin Mitra, President and CEO at Mission Critical Systems.

  • Molly Rouch, President and Co-Founder of Six Degrees Consulting said, “With Check Point's Partner Program, we are empowered to deliver highly competitive solutions to our clients while expanding our reach nationally. The program's focus on specialization and certification aligns with our commitment to provide top-tier security services, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible protection against potential threats.”

  • "We are thrilled with Check Point's new Partner Program, which significantly accelerates our ability to offer competitive cybersecurity solutions. The streamlined process and transparent decision-making shorten our sales cycle, empowering quick client decisions,” says Dr. Jörg Posewang, CEO at NetUSE. "The program's enhanced discounts and rewards for specialization directly support our business growth. Additionally, as an Elite Partner, the free certifications and specializations are not just beneficial, they are a testament to our commitment to excellence in cybersecurity alongside Check Point."

  • Ms. Han Juat Hoon, Chief Operating Officer at M.TECH Products Pte Ltd, one of Check Point’s premier APAC partners, said, “This updated partner program introduces innovative aspects, notably the Private Early Availability Program, which affords our esteemed business partners and internal teams early access to forthcoming releases, on-site support and the opportunity to influence cybersecurity products, helping us to stay ahead in the dynamic cybersecurity landscape. We expect the improvements to the Deal Registration process, including higher discounts, stacking of special discounts, and the introduction of an incumbent partner discount to potentially accelerate our business growth by rendering deal registrations more appealing and competitive.”

    She continued, “Overall, the recalibrated discount model will ensure that partners across all tiers benefit from improved pricing advantages, fostering a highly motivating environment for our business. The introduction of additional incentives for partners specializing in specific product domains or technologies serves as a catalyst for focused excellence, encouraging partners to invest in honing their expertise and offering specialized services, thereby benefitting both our customers and the overall success of our enterprise.”

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